The group was worried about getting back right into the game-and for him personally for the quickly waited for sense of success. Wilfred Kana talked to Jodi Lukebakio and also asked to be able to carry out the penalty enforced instantly after About Dial lo’s handball by Referee Damage Osier. Willy intended to fire. I told him that I wished to shoot. He said: ‘Please let me, that would certainly be my initial goal.’ I claimed: ‘Okay, take the sphere’, stated Lukebakio. Then the fitness instructor chose differently.

I assumed it was excellent from Willy that he desired to take duty, said Schwarz. That was why it rapidly came to be clear that I would certainly claim as well as interfere as an instructor and also state we let Jodi shoot.

After 62 mins, Lukebakio safely transformed to the 1:3 -3, the starting shot of a catch-up, which the Joker Kana as well as Chimera June almost crowned with the 3: 3 equalization in the final stage. The Nigerian June, for whom Marco Richter stood in the starting line-up, went to RB caretaker Janis Basic alone after a header expansion from Kana, however made life challenging with a not so good initial get in touch with in this scene and also supported his Chip ball, which Kevin Kamal made clear quickly before the line, does not have adequate pressure (81. ). The Franco-Viorer Kana was an invigorating component after its alternative at the break as well as hit the blog post in added time (90. +4).

black adjustments at halftime


I claimed: ‘Okay, take the round’, claimed Lukebakio. I believed it was good from Willy that he wanted to take duty, claimed Schwarz. That was why it rapidly ended up being clear that I would certainly step in and claim as a fitness instructor and claim we allow Jodi shoot.

Certainly Willy requires his goal. I am sure that this goal is coming. I really feel that.

Jodi Lukebakio

I liked it a lot, stated Schwarz on Sunday. Willy had good actions versus RB once more, claimed Schwarz.

Both the trainer and also the colleagues believe that Kana, that debuted his goal flat at Bertha in September for the Cream Color Coast of Togo (2-1) in September. Willy had excellent activities against RB once more, stated Schwarz. Also, if he continues to shoot the penalty as well as not Kana.

Kana as well as Steven Jove tic, that stood versus Freiburg as well as Leipzig in the starting eleven and also marked his very first season or against RB, proved that it is going together-with Kana as a substantial shock demonstrator and Jove tic, that likes to drop something, for more style impact on Play game. I liked it a lot, said Schwarz on Sunday. This 2nd half was quite appropriate as an application for a 4-4-2 on Sunday versus Schalke-Mit Kana and also Jove tic.