The Sims from EA __ series is known for fraud that you can perform under the sheets. You can get involved in all kinds of pranks or, finally, satisfy your curiosity about what is under a small censorship mosaic when your sim takes a shower… speaking of mods, these for The Sims 4 will raise your Sim’s love life to a new level!

Best Sex Mods in The Sims 4

As always, mods are not part of the official basic game, so keep in mind that this will include adding content to your game not certified EA. However, they are well tested and probably safe to use. It is also important for readers to remember that some these mods can be especially obvious or graphic in nature, depending on individual sensitivity.

Risky Woohoo-MC command center

We examined how to turn on * risky Boohoo in the past, as well as how to install MCCC. If you have not heard about this before, this is * a mod that allows you to better control the fertility of your Sim . After installing the mod, you can establish the likelihood of pregnancy of your Sim using a regular uh option, instead of pressing , try for a child . For example, you can establish the likelihood of conception of your Sim for 10 (maximum amount) through who option that means that your sim will be pregnant every time Who will be engaged. For comparison, the installation of it on 5 will create the probability of pregnancy 50/50.

If you do not set the parameters for this mod, the mod itself will make it more realistic by reading the features of your sims. If Sim has a feature hates children, the likelihood that he risks and will not use protection will be much lower than that of Sim with the line hates children. lazy trait.


From the very beginning of The Sims franchise, there was a mosaic censorship template whenever Sim takes a shower or goes to the bathroom. This censorship does not have real nudity, it is just a tool for the transition of Sims to personal issues, such as bathing. However, this can distract some players, and they will want to remove the mosaic.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of this using the No Mosaic mod from Moxie mason, which completely removes censorship . When he is dressed, he simply shows the rest of the clothes, which is usually under the tile. So, so far real nudity is not shown This can still be a funny change in your gameplay!

Evil whims

Evil whims Mod is definitely one of the most extensive on this list and is by no means intended for younger players of the series. Made by Turbo driver, it allows you to much more diversify the sexual actions of your Sim and adds realism. The mod includes functions such as connection in more random places, for example cabinets. You can also increase the likelihood that your Sims will undress only because they want it. This mod allows you to be a little to be alone… If you understand what we are talking about.

The features are also added, What can make your Sim more prone to the expression of its sexual deviant side through the flash, and they can even attend parties specifically for sims that love to flare up. Sexual abstinence as well as sexually seductive features also play a role in how often your Sims will have sex, as well as who actually attracts them. Mod definitely enriches the gameplay, adding many details. It also includes the use of menstruation, which EA is always missed from their games.

SIDA dating app

This mod, created by Littlemssam, represents Tinder SIM-Equi-Eviva in the gameplay. Your Sims can go on dates, scheduled blindly or chosen by themselves. And then they can see where things are going! They can also choose to pamper themselves sex for one night if the mood shakes them. This is perfect if you have a bachelor. It is available on your Sim’s mobile phone, and you can access it as ordinary events in the game. You can even get a bell!

Talk about pillows after VHU

This mod, created by Shimrod101, actually uses an animation intended for the main game that was deleted. So it is inspired by the official content of Sims 4! Instead of seeing the fireworks, when your Sims ended the Who session, the interaction can be changed so that your Sims have a little more time to communicate after fun. Possible animations include tickling a fight, general kisses and a whisper of sweet stupid things to their sexual partner. This is a very simple mod, but it is great for installation, simply because it adds the degree of immersion that is absent at present.

Mod RedapPlenet

With this mod, your sim can take part in Cybersex . Sims will have customers who will interact with them sexually through online chats, messages and video statements . Mod combines romantic interactions and mechanics of work. Interestingly, RedapPlenet allows you to satisfy your Sim’s needs for love through this career path, which means that you do not need to worry about them. **** be lonely or without romantic interactions.

Mod for adulthood

Mod for adulthood expands topics for talking your Sim . Instead of adhering to the same old jokes and admitting love through what looks like a Shakespearean monologue, you can ask them to discuss what adults actually do in the real world. Whether it is deception, drugs or this unfortunate SPPP , your SIM can now discuss these issues with friends. We know that this is inherently not a sex mot ode but it specifies other mods, creating it, so your SIM can talk about them after the matter is done!

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