On October 28, individual developer Temple announced The Plumber Thing and started distribution on the same day. DOPE reports. It can be obtained by purchasing the bundle CLICK-OR-TREAT 2022 at ITCH.IO, and can be purchased separately by paying more than $2.

THE PLUMBER THING is a horror metroidvania action game. The protagonist is the piping work. The purpose is to repair the water leaks generated under the Brooklyn basement in New York and return to the ground. Although the character design and setting are similar to Super Mario, it features a grotesque expression, such as the hero’s head is projected on the machine at the opening.

TEMPLE, who is developing the development, has worked on the logical puzzle game BABA IS YOU. The game engine to be used is Multimedia Fusion 2 as in the previous work. TEMPLE’s mysterious work was suddenly released. I also purchased and played this work, but it has a gimmick in the metroidvanian system and is quite elaborate. A complex gimmick lover, Hempuli-like idea will be packed. Note that there is a violence expression throughout the game.

TEMPLE wrote in the README file, I did almost all myself and I didn’t have anyone tested. Therefore, it seems that debugging is hardly d1. When I played on the desktop PC I usually use, I encountered a hell-like problem that the ground was not displayed and just dropped and died. Although the update has been implemented in detail since the distribution date, it may be better to be careful when purchasing, as you may encounter a problem (possibly) dependent (possibility). It is a bargain experimental work.


THE PLUMBER THING is being distributed on itch.io.