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World Cup 2022 FIFA whines a fine

On Monday, the FIFA formally announced that the disciplinary commission examined infractions of Post 44 of the World Cup policies, even more short articles in the existing media and marketing rules and the team handbook offered to all 32 World Cup individuals. Check it out

And this is actually restricted: the association was fined in the amount of CHF 10,000, which represents the equivalent of around 10,100 euros. In addition, the DFB was cautioned due to the fact that Flick had actually appeared without a gamer. FIFA announced the sentence on Tuesday.

The background was the necessary match day interview prior to the crucial 2nd group video game against Spain. None of his 26-member squad had sat on the podium in Doha on the side of national coach Hansi Flick. The previous Bayern coach did not desire the among his specialists to drive the approximately one-hour trip to the international libraries in the capital. Considering that all the World Cup individuals are obliged to answer the world press with a gamer in addition to the nationwide coach before each game, the DFB accepted a punishment.

does a gamer come along on Wednesday?

The simplest variation in the German Group E, with which the team of national coach Flick is definitely in the WM-K.-O.-round: Germany wins on Thursday (8 p.m.) in the Always Arena versus Costa Rica, in parallel Spain likewise beats the Japanese. With a draw in between Spain and Japan, the DFB selection with at least two objectives would need to win a distinction against Costa Rica in order to move into the round of 16 prior to the then connected Japanese. The constellation can likewise be so intricate that a lottery decision would be required in the end.

The relocation into the World Cup round of 16 is at stake.

The next press conference is pending in the media center in the capital Doha. The move into the World Cup round of 16 is at stake.


The former Bayern coach did not desire the one of his experts to drive the approximately one-hour trip to the global media center in the capital. Considering that all the World Cup participants are obliged to respond to the world press with a gamer in addition to the nationwide coach prior to each game, the DFB accepted a penalty.

Famous factions in Wow Dragonflight

The World of Warcraft has always existed some kind of reputation system. Over the years, he has been subjected to changes and settings, and the Shadow lands addition first presented well-known factions with carpets. Dragon flight takes this idea and improves it even more. There are four main fractions with which players can earn fame when exploring the dragon island. That’s who they are and some of the awards that they offer.

What fractions are known in World of Warcraft Dragon flight?

Expedition from a dragon scales

The expedition Dragon scales unites the league of researchers and relics. This hybrid of the forces of the Alliance and the Horde once again shows us that, working together, you can achieve great goals. This is the first famous faction that the players will face when they begin to explore the dragon island.

  • Fame 6: opens access to local rock climbing tasks. To do this, players need to climb the many mountains of dragon islands.
  • Fame 8: opens local cataloging tasks. For this, players must take pictures of the local wild.
  • Fame 14: The secret opens, the sealed line of quests.
  • Fame 16: opens magical chests. These are chests-heads containing the tokens of fame.
  • Fame 24: Opens the quests line in the halls of the titans.

Marque Centaur

On the extensive plains of the on wood, the marus-marus centaurs settled. This glorious fraction is the culmination of all the plain clans plains and will become the second one that players will encounter Dragon flight. It is interesting to observe how the traditionally hostile faction becomes friendly.

  • Fame 4: opens the camp of the Flag clan. These are local tasks that change every three days as the clan moves the camp.
  • Fame 5: Open great hunting. Players will join the centaur in his hunting zones.

Charged Tuscany

ISARA Tusk arr will probably become a favorite fraction of fans simply because everyone is already loved by Tusk arr. Continuing the traditions of their relatives from North, this famous faction loves fishing and wants to share this and some stories with adventure seekers.

  • Fame 3: Open public feasts on which adventurers help Klycarram cook food.
  • Fame 4: Opens fishing pits. They play a role in local tasks requiring fishing.
  • Fame 5: opens the scrolls of history. Once a week, players can get the story of a memorable victory for reputation.
  • Fame 11: Opening the duties of the leader quest.
  • Fame 15: opens additional scrolls of history.

Valdrackensky Agreement

The place of force of all types of dragons, the Waldrackensky agreement is the last famous faction, which the players will meet in their travels to the dragon islands.

  • Fame 5: unlocks the siege of the fortress of dragon death. In this event, players help a detachment of black dragons to conquer territories on awakening shores.
  • Fame 7: opens access to the local tasks High Singing on Dragons.


  • Fame 12: Opening a silver target quest.
  • Fame 19: opens the garden of secrets quest.

To learn more about World of Warcraft, read the section How to get Wow Dragon flight Twitch Drops in the game guidelines for professionals.

Podcast reload: Program 12, Season 14


We will have to look for a tuning to turn Microsoft and Activision Blizzard into a section, because it seems that the thing goes long.
In any case, this week we also talked a little more about the launch of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple-the contrast between record sales and technical problems is not exactly a surprise, but it does invite reflection.
Ah, and these days we have been playing Evil West, who mixes several good ideas with the many others that Villa de God of War.
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National team | Specialists agree DFB

The third preliminary round video game in Group E will occur against Costa Rica on Thursday. It is about moving into the round of 16 of the competition in the Golf emirate.

The 29-year-old filling container protected the first World Cup point with his huge objective to 1-1 (0-0) on Sunday evening versus Spain with his enormous objective.

I would have currently given him the beginning eleven in the first video game. He always shows his aggressiveness, and he has actually shown that it is right that he was there, said former global Tabla Lemme on Magenta television.

Nicolas Fuller made a location in the German preliminary formation at the most current through his very first World Cup objective in Qatar.

ex-DFB star: filling container has the momentum

He has the momentum, hat off, said previous global Michael Black and promoted: The young boys who have the shape in the league should get their opportunity. Why doesn’t he throw it into the cold?

With 10 goals for SV Welder, the Bremen Fuller is presently the most successful German striker in the Bundesliga.


It simply pulls off, in Bremen manner. He gave a great application letter for the next video game, stated ex-world champ via Mertesacker on ZDF.

Ex-Bayern expert Black described the substitution of Fuller by national coach Hansi Flick in the 70th minute of play for Thomas Müller as a Game-Changer and applauded the whole group for the successful second tournament appearance versus Starker: That was extremely, very essential, to be rewarded for this excellent performance.

Match winner Fuller discusses his first World Cup objective

I was simply absolutely in the run. That the ball ends up in the corner is great, said Fill mug his big moment.

He took the ball from Jamal Musial, took it with him with the left and sank it in the long corner.

I was just totally in the run. And then the ball was in front of my feet. And then it was just instinct that acted there. That the ball ends up in the corner is great, said Fill mug his huge minute.

I believe it was necessary that somebody let the knot burst, he stated modestly. He did that at his goal, which fit a pedigreed striker.

I am very unwound in such situations, it is not the initially important goal, said Fuller after midnight in the Al-Bait Arena and added to the tricky group constellation on Thursday, which continued to precede the last preliminary round video game against Costa Rica. We do not need to go nuts now, it’s a 1: 1 and no success.

Steams autumn sales: a guide

There is a pleasure that is not always easy to confess in gaining a little more your Steam library when the sales arrive; You don’t need more games right now, but you may need them later, in a few months, in a couple of years, and at that time the game you need is no longer on offer. YOLO. And this, which is lying? Just in case. A 75%discount? You are going to excuse me, but I have to do something urgently.

Steam has its own mechanisms to make recommendations, and surely you have already seen a few offers that have caught your attention. We are going to leave a few more links down here, in case they are useful. They are divided into three categories: two are going for a price (less than ten and less than five euros) and the other focuses on recent games that we liked especially and now-since November 22 and until November 29-you can get With an interesting reduction.

This list will necessarily be incomplete without your collaboration, of course: Use comments to link offers that may be interesting for the community, they are always welcome!

The best

These types of days of sales are fine to put the glove to a recent game that had stayed in the inkwell; Sometimes, a more or less small discount is enough to finish encouraging you to take the step. Here we recommend some games this year, excellent for different reasons, which are offer; All are between the ten and the Peerage euros, and they are all the best of 2022, in case you want to go out accounts before you have to think about the end of the year lists.

Last Call BBS | €11.24

The game with which the prestigious study Mechatronics was dismissed is a collection of puzzles of different types, some more hardcore and others more relaxed but all with the unique touch and the care for which the study of Shenzhen i/o, became famous, Opus Magnum or Eliza (which are also reduced, by the way). It is one of those special games that is worth playing calmly and attention; A placid and beautiful closure for one of those studies that glad that they have existed.

Our analysis.

Nor co | €11.24

A fascinating Point and click adventure and in which there are several genres, from cyberpunk to magical realism, to shape a particularly well written and executed story. One of the great narrative games of 2022.

Our analysis.

Card Shark | €14.99

An indefinable card game that works at the same time as an encyclopedia of the trap and as a study on the art of deception, creating a collection of scenes in which each triquiñuela is put in context. The gameplay not only goes through manipulating the letters, but also by distracting people in the room, for example; One of the unique titles of the year.

Our analysis.


Olliolli World | €17.99

The British Roll7 study launched this skate arcade at the beginning of the year, continuation of two basic PS Vita classics, and we have played it with passion throughout the year: for the expansions (that of the Marciano and that of heaven) but also because It is one of those games that give you reasons to dedicate more time than you should, overcoming times, climbing by the rankings and looking for new ways to scratch points here or there. An essential.

Our analysis.

Neon White | €17.59

Pure flavor: a first-person shooter designed to make Speed runs in a series of levels deliciously designed to be traveled from top to bottom obsessively. An impossible cocktail between FPS and Visual Novel that ends up having that impossible cohesion that some of those browser games that grew as mushrooms in the nutritious internet lands from the beginning of 2000, or the best Dream cast games, we wrote in their moment. «It is unforgettably Martian. It has something of an Unreal Tournament and some Winamp skin ».

Our analysis.

Sunday Gold | €17.59

One of the most unexpected surprises of the year: a narrative adventure in the form of shift strategy and that mounts a story of robberies with tremendously well drawn characters and scenes, all-in-one of the most stylish wrappings that have been seen in recent months. A game full of ideas and that puts his studio, Bkom-until now dedicated to developing on his commission-in the foreground.

Our analysis.

less than €10

Hands of necromancy | €9.99

A heretic clone developed in Doom and that is not only faithful to the material he wants to imitate (or who he wants to remember, if you prefer; I think that sometimes speak directly of imitation is more useful, and no less meritorious) but it ends up being Of those boomer shooters that have the ability to stay alone with the best. Thus, Hands of Necromancy stands out for its design of levels, excellent, and for the type of clashes it proposes, always interesting.

Our analysis.

Grapple Dog | €6.24

Nitro me traces are noticed in Grapple Dog, and it is not for less: it is developed by a person, Joseph Griffin, who worked in the excellent British study of Bomb Chick nor Leap Day. If you feel like a light, pleasant platforms with an exquisite presentation, it is time to go for grapple dog.

Our analysis.

Drains | €9.99

The study of Record of glucose war: Deed lit in Wonder Labyrinth explores here a very different genre, the Ship, offering not only a collection of levels and bosses of a lot of level but also a unique structure, with collectible resources and equipment that give it To the game an experimental and modern touch that, I think, is very appropriate to enter the Catamarans if the usual rigidity in the genre does not finish fitting. Another of the big surprises of a year who has not lacked unexpectedly recommended games.

We analyze this in the podcast; You can listen to the analysis below.

Toupee and Topee | €8.39

«A cosmic turbulence has melted the 2D platform games and the Zibo zoos! Take care of the unique perspectives of Toupee and Topee to overcome megalithic challenges, solve puzzles that will leave you with the fried brain and defeat huge bosses. Ah, and there is a cooperative mode! [Steam]

Sayonara Wild Hearts | €6.47

Sayonara Wild Hearts is an arcade game full of reverie where it is mounted on a motorcycle, in Skateboard, dance battles are made, shooting with laser, swords are wielded and hearts are broken at 300 km/h [Steam]

Album Elysium | €9.99

«Album Elysium-The Final Cut is a revolutionary open world role game. He embodies a detective with a unique set of skills at his disposal and an entire neighborhood to travel. Interrogate memorable characters, unravel cases or accept bribes. Be a hero or a disastrous human being »[Steam]

Our analysis.

less than €5

Squish craft | €3.92

That its appearance does not deceive you: Squish craft is an extraordinary puzzles game, a Sokoban-Like who twists Sonoran’s idea in an unexpected and tremendously original way. The thing goes from pushing blocks, yes, but also to spring them with each other, combining them and altering their operation to reach the goal at each level. Did time and can become one of your games of the year.

Our analysis.

Wildfire Swap | €4.09

«Change tiles and fight against fires. Consider your movements carefully: the fire spreads quickly, and an out of control is unstoppable »[Steam]

Snakebird | €3.49

An influential puzzles game that combines the classic snake (you grow as you eat fruits, to understand us) with a design of grid levels that proposes to take us to the snakebirds of the title to the exit portal, calculating each movement with care to grow when you have to grow and fall where you have to fall; It is a very interesting type of Think Puzzle, because it forces to anticipate each movement a lot and think in advance your approach to each level. It is extremely difficult, yes; An easy version, Snakebird first, is in Steam for the same price.

Our analysis.

Silicon Zeroes | €4.94

«Build hardware. Solve puzzles. From the creator of manufacture, a new open puzzle game set in the first Startup of Silicon Valley »[Steam]

Tames | €0.77

Tames is a difficult logic game that develops on a set of tiles, in which you must use the clues provided to discover and mark the hidden mines [Steam]

A = B | €3.49

A = B is a programming game with a single instruction: A = B, which means replacing B [steam]

Any more recommendation? Give it cane to comments to let us know from other interesting offers or hidden gems that have escaped us.

How to turn Sinistea into Polteageist into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

As in any game about Pokémon, including the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the main goal is to catch all existing Pokémon. Of course, for some coaches this opinion may be different, but catching them all was a mantra of the franchise from the very beginning. If you want to catch every Pokémon during your trip to Pale, you will have to find both Sunita and half a toast. You can easily find Sinister in the southern province (six) in Alford. Unfortunately, getting half a toast is not so simple and requires a little job.


How to get half a toast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Like any other old kettle, you can check the authenticity of Sinister only by checking the small blue seal at the bottom of their body. Some Sinister do not have this stamp that marks them as fakes that require other means to turn into Poltergeist. But this stamp is only half the battle. The next step to the development of Sinister is the use of a chopped pot of evolutionary stone for those who have a blue seal or a cracked pot of evolutionary stone for those who do not have them.

These evolutionary stones are incredibly difficult to find, since they appear at the auction only in the port of the marinade located in the western part of the card. Because of this, the time of the day when they may appear, as well as their price will be random. You just need to go there and check it yourself, as soon as you get to the other side. But as soon as you apply any stone, the cat-scene will unfold, in which Sinister evolves to Poltergeist, adding it to your group and your Pokédex. If you want your half-tiger to have a special nature, make sure that you have taken note of the nature of the sinister before developing, since it cannot be changed!

To find out more about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, check out the section are Paradox Pokémon shiny in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? And how to turn Gigafarad into Farigiraf into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet only in professional game guidelines.

World Cup 2022 Celebrated Frenchman

Sebastian Wolff reports from Qatar

He develops many rooms with his style of play and his rate, but that’s not brand-new, says Raphael Marine. What is outstanding to the veteran are Mbappé’s advancement steps: Kylian can now work backwards and does so. He is not the type that gives the loud commands, but he goes in front of this team.


Nevertheless, the coworkers now see more than just a grant in the assaulter.

With Italy 2010, Spain 2014 and Germany 2018, the ruling world champions in the preliminary round have just recently broken this curse three times in succession. This reflected in the result since Kylian Mbappé was on the area twice, and above all his 2nd objective had tremendous meaning-four minutes before the end, in the middle of a phase in which the video game was completely open and Denmark itself was an opportunity would have had.

There is apprehension towards him: Marine strengthens upamecano

It is a team that up until now impressively makes up for serious failures (Karim Benzema & Co.). We are not delighted about the numerous missing, however I am happy about the gamers and the quality that we still have, states Deschamps, maybe according to the definitive factor: We have a huge group spirit.

For this, defense chief Marine, who in himself has the aim of leading the kids. The Bavaria protector has a challenging time at house, and Marine states: There is hesitation to him, but Day is growing into this role.

With Italy 2010, Spain 2014 and Germany 2018, the ruling world champs in the preliminary round have actually recently broken this curse 3 times in succession. He creates many spaces with his style of play and his rate, however that’s not brand-new, says Raphael Marine. The Bavaria defender has a hard time at home, and Marine states: There is suspicion to him, however Day is growing into this function.

FC Bayern | Defense colleague experiences Lucas Hernández Sad news


For French global Lucas Hernández, not only the world championship that has simply begun has actually run, and FC Bayern will likewise be missing for a very long time. In the game against Australia, he had actually sustained a cruciate ligament tear, possibly rejecting Hernández this season. On Thursday he was effectively run on with a knee specialist in Innsbruck, which must add to clarifying the precise downtime.

The news about the severe injury had actually struck the controller and teammate of FC Bayern to the mark. s director Hasan Salihamidzic was surprised and likewise ensured his defense star the best possible assistance. In main protector coworker Matthias de Ligt, who takes on the Dutch selection at the World Cup, another player has actually now expressed his regret.

For Lucas Hernández, the World Cup in Qatar might not have actually begun worse: the defender of the FC Bayern suffered a cruciate ligament tear at the French play. The Munich central defender associate Matthias de Ligt suffers with the 26-year-old.

de Light expects fast recovery at Hernández

This is an unfortunate news and a shame for him as well as for us players and our group as a whole. De Light likewise revealed that he already contacted Lucas and wanted him to get well soon.

It was stated that FC Bayern would just employ a new left-back in the coming summer, who can likewise act in the defense.

For French worldwide Lucas Hernández, not only the world champion that has actually simply started has actually run, and FC Bayern will also be missing out on for a long time. In main protector colleague Matthias de Ligt, who completes with the Dutch choice at the World Cup, another gamer has actually now revealed his regret.

According to its own statements, FC Bayern will not work on the transfer market. It was stated that FC Bayern would just hire a new left-back in the coming summer, who can likewise act in the defense.

Football World Cup 2022 Brazil doctor provides Neymar

Tape-record world champion Brazil has to do without superstar Neymar, a minimum of in the 2nd group game on Monday (5:00 p.m./ Magenta TV and ZDF). Group physician Rodrigo Lamar revealed the day after the 2-0 opening success over Serbia. Brazilian media had actually currently reported on the end of the whole group phase.


Today is among the most challenging minutes of my career… and again at a World Cup, Neymar composed on Instagram: I have an injury, yes, it is irritating, it will harm, however I’m sure I have the chance Will come back since I will do my finest to help my nation, my colleagues and me.

Neymar had actually hurt himself in the video game of Nikola Milenkovic on Thursday in the final phase of the ankle and needed to be changed. In tears, the offending all-rounder from Paris St. German let the ankle cool with ice and after that limp from the arena.

The studies reveal an injury to the lateral band apparatus in the right ankle of Neymar, together with a small swelling, stated Lamar after an MRI on Friday.

Danilo is also missing out on Brazil

Both players continue their treatment. We will make an assessment every day to make the very best choices, said Lamar. The physician added: We can currently say that both players will not exist in the next video game, but they will stay in treatment to make them fit for the tournament as quickly as possible.

In addition to Neymar, Switzerland, who had won 1-0 against Cameroon at the start of Group G, will likewise be on right-back Danilo. The 31-year-old of Juventus Turin had actually held out against Serbia for over 90 minutes, and he also struggles with an ankle injury.

Why did Star-Lord receive Kevin Bacon as a gift in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy? Answered

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will premiere in theaters on May 5, 2023. Meanwhile, the screenwriter and director James Gun and Marvel have decided to give guard fans a gift of thanksgiving and launching a Christmas special from Christmas Guardians of the Galaxy. If you have already seen it, and you are wondering why Star-Lord received Kevin Bacon as a gift in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy? Here is the answer:

Why is Kevin Bacon a gift for Star-Lord in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy?

Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) receives Kevin Bacon as a gift in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy because Bacon has always been his hero. Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Draw (Dave Bautista) want to encourage Star-Lord and recover his Christmas spirit, so they give his favorite actor.

Star-Lord is still depressed because they cannot find Zamora (Zoe Saldana), so the Drax-Mantis duo goes to earth to get his personal hero, the man who defeated a people dancing, the only Kevin Bacon. Mantis is doing all this because he has a secret to tell Star-Lord (a spoiler that we avoid revealing here). While she thinks they are good news and expects him to feel the same, she is also worried that he doesn’t take it well. As such, he wants to see him happy before telling him, to soften the blow, so to speak.


Now that you know why Star-Lord received Kevin Bacon as a gift in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy? You can look for more guides on the movie in. We have all the answers: from who is cosmos to how much the special and all the songs of the Special Soundtrack last.

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