Bayonet ta 3 finally saw its launch in Nintendo Switch. Announced for the first time in 2017, fans can finally enjoy the thrilling Platinum games action game with the iconic Umbra Witch, Bayonet ta. Even after an incredibly long wait, some fans may be curious about whether the Bayonet ta franchise will continue after this post. Here is everything we know about if there will be a 4 bayonet ta.

Will Bayonet ta 4?

From now on, Bayonet ta 4 is not officially confirmed, but that does not mean that it is impossible . While it may be too early for an official announcement about Bayonet ta 4, Hide Kamila has confirmed through its Twitter account that has plans for a ninth entry into the Bayonet ta franchise.

ベヨ ネッタ 9 まで は 構想 ある よ… rt @kok38901046: 4

-神谷英 樹 Hide Kamila (@Pg_Kamila) August 2, 2022

Obviously, an official announcement of imminent sequela will not arrive soon, since Bayonet ta 3 has just been released. Even so, at least Kamila’s tweet creates some hope that a fourth entry in the Bayonet ta series will not be impossible. Here is the hope that I don’t take another eight-year wait as Bayonet ta 3 did.


That is all we have if there will be a 4 bayonet ta. Follow to get more information about Bayonet ta 3, including how long it will take you to complete the game.

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