Sonic Frontiers presents the widest areas that Sonic has had the opportunity to travel. The hedgehog can be fast, but what should you do if he decides that you want to go from one corner of the map to the other? Do not fear, because this guide will guide you All fast travel methods in Sonic Frontiers and how to use each .

How to travel quickly using Challenge Rails in Sonic Frontiers

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Assuming the many environmental challenges in the open world of Sonic Frontiers is a vital part of progressing in the game. Successful completing a challenge will make a large white railing appear in the immediate vicinity, and this will be directly linked to other close challenges.

Although it is not a fast trip in the traditional sense of the term, pushing its path through these railings allows Sonic to cover large stripes away with a minimal platform and the participation required by the player. As a result, they are perfectly suitable to reach another section of the map you have visited before quickly.

How to travel quickly between areas in Sonic Frontiers

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Once the player ends the sequence of the main story of a given area, Sonic is immediately transported to the next through a scene. After this happens, you may wonder if you can return to the anterior zone to complete the remaining missions or snatch the leftover collection objects.

Be sure you can return as fast as it left. All you have to do is open the map screen, press the button on the lower left of the screen with the change maps label and then select the area you want to return. Sonic will be placed in the first area of any option you select.

How to travel fast inside an area in Sonic Frontiers

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To unlock the appropriate fast trip in Sonic Frontiers, the player must complete all the challenges in a given area. Once this requirement is met, the player can select any cyberspace portal that is on that map and instantly teleports him.

In addition, the game provides the ability to deform within an area. Thales de completing all the challenges, but there are some steps that must be followed to access it.

Throughout the game you will find purple cyber portals. These lead to the fishing mini-game organized by nothing less than Big the Cat, and playing it is the key to traveling fast in Sonic Frontiers.

After successfully catching a capture, Sonic will occasionally draw a non-aquatic prize such as a treasure chest or jump springs. Another potential reward are the elements called the old man of old Loco and parchment of the Loco hermit. These elements permanently unlock the ability to travel instantly to improved NPCs in that area, which the player can use to move to a nearby map area instead of running all the way there.

That was a breakdown of how to travel quickly in Sonic Frontiers . If you are curious about what you can do with the two NPC mentioned above, our guide on how to increase Sonic statistics for you. Feel free to also take a look at our explanation of how many areas and levels there are in frontiers.

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