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Crow awards

Odin’s checklist and also location of the crows


For each area of the video game, you will discover the listing of all the crows, as well as a summary of the location where to locate them. Note that they are not necessarily all to find throughout your initial visit to an area.



Corneal benefits


Odin’s crows make their return toGod of Battle Ragnarök _, however this time they will certainly report greater than a little experience. Finding the 48 crows allows you to open up the 6 fabulous breasts set up in William, providing you access to the total armor collection of crown tears, however likewise to runic assaults.


The crows may be eco-friendly, they are generally concealed in the atmosphere as well as quite made complex to locate. Like actual crows, they can’t help yet hood, which will be beneficial to find in which location they conceal. When recognized, an excellent ax, and also you can take place.


List and also location of Odin crows

_ The pictures for all the crows come bit by bit, a little patience! _

The crows may be green, they are usually hidden in the atmosphere and also quite made complex to discover. Like actual crows, they can’t aid but hood, which will certainly be beneficial to locate in which location they hide. After freeing the 2nd fin, open up the door to the left with a bomb, after that go back with another bomb. You will find a big gold deposit on the right to explode. The crow is after the slim flow on the.

Holy place of Light .

Scenic tour of Although .

After showing up at the pontoon, increase with the chain as well as look behind the wood wall surface.

After a battle against elves, the crow is on a porch opposite the stairways.

Alberio Island .

_ Coming _.

Les Canyons .

Northwest of the area, alongside a ruined building.

the core .

Go up in the elevations as well as take the course to the right. The crow is behind the debris.

Prohibited sands .

Temple of Light .

the Strong .

Banned sands .

Arranger wetlands

_ Coming _.

Available in the 2nd come on the area, later on in the situation. At the departure of the little passage, on a cliff before you.

Land burned .

In the eye of the great beast skeleton.

After eliminating the compounds of dark fairies, go up on the wall surface on the right. The crow flies before you.


Land burned .


After stairs to the right, you will find a location where to decrease. Adhere to the course as well as you will certainly see the crow behind a steel door, to unlock by bouncing the ax.

In front of the entryway to the Even Book shop to the east, there is a location to break on the ground. It opens a narrow passage for an area where the crow lies.

_ Coming _.

Forge .

Alberio Island .

Forge .

In front of you arriving.

When arriving in the location, on the left.

_ Coming _.

In the facility of the Dräger well, look southern.


Noticeable after having actually come to the end of the second train.

After going across the bay in grapple, take the 2nd grapple to arrive at a little island. The crow gets on the high cliff, in between the rocks.

Scenic tour de Raising .

Forbidden sands .



After releasing the 2nd fin, open up the door to the entrusted a bomb, after that return with another bomb. You will certainly locate a huge gold deposit on the right to explode. The crow wants the narrow passage on the left.

To the northwest at the entryway to the area, the crow flies above a statue.

To the right of the entry, set down on a large rock.

After solving the water wheels, go left before the huge wood door.

Behind the gold particles.


When you get here in the area, search in the air left wing.

On the roofing system of a structure, opposite the statue of Odin.

hollow of Alberio .

Jasmina mines .

Longhair island .


Restricted sands .

All west of the area, you will certainly find a climbing location. The crow lags the statuary.

Watchtower .

In a tree on the left after Try saw the holy place of light.