Yesterday we commented here for the critical triumph of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever , which already advances what could happen at the box office with an audience emotionally connected to the film when it arrives today to the rooms. And this must have been a balm and a joy for the team responsible for the film, because we know how hard it must have been filming with the absence of its ill-fated main protagonist, Chadwick Boseman .

The emotion to the leather and Lupita’s tears

Ryan Cooler , director and screenwriter, came to think about abandoning the project after Boseman’s death for colon cancer in 2020. He commented on this in Entertainment Weekly:

I didn’t know if I could make another movie, (much less) another Black panther movie, because it hurt a lot. I thought, how could I open to feel like that again?


Fortunately Cooler found the necessary forces in Boseman’s own wishes on what they had previously created. Thus, the script that Cooler happened to Lupita Nyong’o w not the one that arrives today to the cinem, but a previous draft that w in the hands of Boseman when he no longer felt with the strength of reading anything. you can imagine, what lupita found in those pages included the original version in which their two characters are even couple.

So he accompanied me (Ryan Cooler) and I remember that I cried. I cried uncontrollably in reality, because he w relieved. He w relieved to know that we would be honoring Chadwick, honoring T’Calla and that Nadia obtained this story that would allow him to grow.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever arrives today to theaters, and we think about the emotions that the rooms will remember to the rhythm of the tribal beat of the hearts of the most faithful followers of Marvel. Here we leave you with the criticism we publish from the film where the tribute that is the late actor is revealed.