IAI Llanos, one of the most recognized streamers and influencers in Spain, said he had rejected to go to the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The popular Creator of Content h now revealed that he also discard summaries of the parties of Spain. He explained it in a life with Under, which you can enjoy on Twitch from approximately 3:36:55 minute.

I w offered to upload the World Cup matches to my YouTube channel, but the truth is that I do not feel like interacting with the Qatar World Cup at the economic and content level. Obviously I will see it, because to see my country I have no more balls, according to Llanos, he had the opportunity to collaborate with the World Cup goal, although they did not provide any game on Twitch.

However, it could upload the summaries from the World Cup to YouTube exclusively, it w a fucking ball. I think that would have been spectacular. They gave me the parties of Spain and I believe if I had negatively given me more, that is my feeling.

suggests that Iberia invited you to accompany the Spanish team

According to his words, the proposal to go on the plane with the Spanish team came from the Iberia airline. a humorous, he says he would have been to k Terran Torres, what do you think of Among Us.