As in any game about Pokémon, including the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the main goal is to catch all existing Pokémon. Of course, for some coaches this opinion may be different, but catching them all was a mantra of the franchise from the very beginning. If you want to catch every Pokémon during your trip to Pale, you will have to find both Sunita and half a toast. You can easily find Sinister in the southern province (six) in Alford. Unfortunately, getting half a toast is not so simple and requires a little job.


How to get half a toast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Like any other old kettle, you can check the authenticity of Sinister only by checking the small blue seal at the bottom of their body. Some Sinister do not have this stamp that marks them as fakes that require other means to turn into Poltergeist. But this stamp is only half the battle. The next step to the development of Sinister is the use of a chopped pot of evolutionary stone for those who have a blue seal or a cracked pot of evolutionary stone for those who do not have them.

These evolutionary stones are incredibly difficult to find, since they appear at the auction only in the port of the marinade located in the western part of the card. Because of this, the time of the day when they may appear, as well as their price will be random. You just need to go there and check it yourself, as soon as you get to the other side. But as soon as you apply any stone, the cat-scene will unfold, in which Sinister evolves to Poltergeist, adding it to your group and your Pokédex. If you want your half-tiger to have a special nature, make sure that you have taken note of the nature of the sinister before developing, since it cannot be changed!

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