The World of Warcraft has always existed some kind of reputation system. Over the years, he has been subjected to changes and settings, and the Shadow lands addition first presented well-known factions with carpets. Dragon flight takes this idea and improves it even more. There are four main fractions with which players can earn fame when exploring the dragon island. That’s who they are and some of the awards that they offer.

What fractions are known in World of Warcraft Dragon flight?

Expedition from a dragon scales

The expedition Dragon scales unites the league of researchers and relics. This hybrid of the forces of the Alliance and the Horde once again shows us that, working together, you can achieve great goals. This is the first famous faction that the players will face when they begin to explore the dragon island.

  • Fame 6: opens access to local rock climbing tasks. To do this, players need to climb the many mountains of dragon islands.
  • Fame 8: opens local cataloging tasks. For this, players must take pictures of the local wild.
  • Fame 14: The secret opens, the sealed line of quests.
  • Fame 16: opens magical chests. These are chests-heads containing the tokens of fame.
  • Fame 24: Opens the quests line in the halls of the titans.

Marque Centaur

On the extensive plains of the on wood, the marus-marus centaurs settled. This glorious fraction is the culmination of all the plain clans plains and will become the second one that players will encounter Dragon flight. It is interesting to observe how the traditionally hostile faction becomes friendly.

  • Fame 4: opens the camp of the Flag clan. These are local tasks that change every three days as the clan moves the camp.
  • Fame 5: Open great hunting. Players will join the centaur in his hunting zones.

Charged Tuscany

ISARA Tusk arr will probably become a favorite fraction of fans simply because everyone is already loved by Tusk arr. Continuing the traditions of their relatives from North, this famous faction loves fishing and wants to share this and some stories with adventure seekers.

  • Fame 3: Open public feasts on which adventurers help Klycarram cook food.
  • Fame 4: Opens fishing pits. They play a role in local tasks requiring fishing.
  • Fame 5: opens the scrolls of history. Once a week, players can get the story of a memorable victory for reputation.
  • Fame 11: Opening the duties of the leader quest.
  • Fame 15: opens additional scrolls of history.

Valdrackensky Agreement

The place of force of all types of dragons, the Waldrackensky agreement is the last famous faction, which the players will meet in their travels to the dragon islands.

  • Fame 5: unlocks the siege of the fortress of dragon death. In this event, players help a detachment of black dragons to conquer territories on awakening shores.
  • Fame 7: opens access to the local tasks High Singing on Dragons.


  • Fame 12: Opening a silver target quest.
  • Fame 19: opens the garden of secrets quest.

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