Are you trying your best to soar on your dragon’s back? Are there any problems with staying in the air for a long time? Know that you are not al1. Many have difficulties with the new mechanics on the dragons added to World of Warcraft: Dragon flight. Fortunately for you, we have already mastered a new form of art, and I am more than happy to give you recommendations about what you need to stay in the sky. This textbook teaches only the basics, so let us fill in the gaps that you lack. Here is all that we know about riding on dragons in World of Warcraft: Dragon flight.

Tree of riding skills on dragons in World of Warcraft

Let’s start with the most important aspect of the dragon driving: the dragon’s characters.

Dragon glyphs are luminous soaring signs that exist everywhere in the dragon islands. They are necessary to fill your tree with riding skills on dragons and are extremely important for riding as a whole. You see, the skill tree is filled with constant buffs for your set of riding tools on dragons. We cannot underestimate the meaning of these glyphs, since they greatly simplify the difficult task of driving dragon. We strongly recommend collecting these glyphs as soon as you get your first dragon. Believe us: the difference between mediocre driving on the dragon and a completely talented ride on the dragon is day and night.

The excitement of heaven

While the whole tree of riding skills in dragons is important, the most important aspect of riding on dragons is to maintain the excitement of heaven passive buff. This is due to the fact that Thrill of the Skies allows you to completely restore one complete energy every 15 seconds. Supporting buff is simple: fly very, very fast.

To fly very, very quickly, you need to maintain sufficient speed so that the buff remains active. Get an impulse, leaning down to the ground. You only need to give enough tips so as not to move up. A much larger pulse is required for the flight up than for the flight down, but you always need to move down to maintain your impulse. In fact, maintaining the activity of Thrill of the Skies is a constant balance, like a swing. You will understand whether you are doing everything if the blue veil of the wind envelops your dragon when you are moving.

Now you might think that 15 seconds are a lot of time to restore only one energy. You’re right. This is so, but that is why we started this leadership with the importance of dragon glyphs, because at the end of the tree of riding skills on the dragons there is a skill called home at the top. This skill turns these 15 seconds in 5 seconds, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of Vigor’s performance in Thrill of the Skies. Again, we cannot but emphasize this enough: get all the characters of the dragon as soon as possible.

taking off and gaining momentum

If your problems in Dragon riding are associated with your take-off, then let us give you some tips.


Firstly, if you are already on a high ledge, try not to use the Skyward ascent to take off, as this is an empty waste of energy. Instead, let yourself fall from the ledge, then lean down to start gaining speed. While Thrill of the Skies is active, lean up sharply and let inertia carry you up until you start to slow down. When this happens when Thrill of the Skies is still active, use Skyward ascend to gain significant height and speed. This is important to do when the heavenly hill is active, because, as a rule, the use of abilities during the buff supports the buff. This means that you restore energy, actively using your abilities, which allows you to control the flight much better than ever before. Do this with a sufficient balance, and you can stay in the air forever.

However, if you are on the ground, everything is a little more complicated, although not as much as you think. You will need to work more hard to gain position and speed, but the principle of your take-off will remain the same. First you need to go into the air, so open the Skyward ascend. Depending on where you are, you may need to use it two or three times to take a sufficient position for maneuvering. As soon as you rise high enough above the ground, you must quickly gain sufficient speed to activate the heavenly hill. Lean down to start gaining speed, then use Surge Forward to increase speed. Surge Forward should give a sufficient speed to get Thrill of the Skies for a short while.

Support it, slightly tilting the dragon down. You will lose an attitude, but restore energy, which will allow you to use Skyward ascent again, which should give you more relations than you have lost. Repeat this until you have enough energy, then, as before, tightly tighten up and use the Skyward ascend to maintain speed. As soon as you rise high enough above the ground, do not hesitate to align and soar for your pleasure.

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