He began the season as a preferred on the goalkeeper cannon after Erlang Haaland (to Man city) and Robert Lewandowski (EU Barça) stated bye-bye to the league in summer season, but up until now Patrick schick has experienced a season to forget.
For the Czech worldwide, who has actually only scored two Bundesliga hits this season, was awful in regard to sport, he is now threatened with more inconvenience.
Because in spite of a one-month break, these continue to pester stubborn groin issues, which last on November 1st enables a dedication to Bayer 04.
Considering that the training session on Friday, the 26-year-old can only work individually in the catacombs of the Bay-Arena.
It’s a shame since we desired him to have it because we require it, but his condition is not ideal, states ABI Alonso about the physical condition of the enemy, he does not feel completely fit to train. We will see which
Decision is to be made.
This might be one with far-reaching effects.
When asked whether Schick could take part in Mönchengladbach at the start on January 22, the Spaniard is skeptical: We will see it. Hopefully, said the coach, however I’m not a physician.
ABI Alonso is not precisely private forecasting has a serious background.
Due to the fact that the decision of which the 40-year-old speaks is whether trendy should be run on the left bar or not.

more investigations must bring clearness

In the course of the upcoming week, Schick, who was effectively operated on at the right bar in May, is deeply analyzed in order to provide clarity.
We will have further evaluations performed this week to discover the ideal method for Patrick, discusses Handling Director Simon Roles, we will do anything so that it can be operated in Playback.


No matter what decision will be made in the coming week, fate in any case indicates an obstacle for Bayer 04. ABI Alonso want to bring the Leverkusen offensive video game to form in the exceptionally long winter preparation.
Considering that the Spaniard took over the coaching post in early October, due to the English weeks, he had not provided him the chance to work deeply with the team.

We have to utilize this time to improve, he now demands.
As far as his offensive is concerned, he first has to attempt this without Patrick Schick, who, due to his symptoms, could just play 5 of the ten competitive games under ABI Alonso.
The forced break for Schick represents a damper for Bayer and this season so unlucky attacker.