In our guide to the Kilos weapons in Destiny 2, you can find out:
How you get the newly placed Kilos weapons
How you charge the resonance amplifier
Where you can find the hidden containers on Europe and the moon
Attention: We continuously update this guide with further locations.
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how do I get the Kilos weapons in Destiny 2?

As soon as you have completed the introductory quest of the Strafe season, you will find a resonance amplifier in your inventory.
You can charge this with the help of resonance trunks and thus create an override frequency.
You need four resonance strains to charge the resonance amplifier.
Furthermore, you get this by playing ritual playlist activities (melting pots, gambit or vanguard) as well as when opening seraph chests at the end of the seasonal activity.
By charging the resonance amplifier, you get a tip to the site of an Kilos weapon on Europe or the moon.
If you are near one of the Kilos weapons, you will listen to music.
In this guide we tell you the exact locations of the orange shining containers from which you get the weapons.

All Kilos weapons at a glance

All four Kilos weapons return with the season of the seraphs and are now even crafted.
You need five blueprints per weapon (gun with a red edge).
You can accidentally get weapons with a construction plan from the containers.

  • Handgun: kilos_how_v1.0.3 (emptiness)
  • Machine gun: kilos_mp_v1.0.3 (Arius)
  • Shot: kilos_sf_v1.0.3 (solar)
  • Sniper rifle: kilos_SSG_V1.0.3 (solar)

all locations on Europe

Europa. Transition.

Travels to Charon’s transition to Europe.
The box is located on the cliff opposite the entrance to the outpost of Varix.
Let yourself fall lower on the edge to get to the Kilos weapon.

Europa.evade.cliff. Protection location

At the quick travel point in the eventide ruins you will find a green-lit gap in one of the rocks.
Let yourself fall into the cave and grab the gun out of the container.

Europa. Bergkamm.stress

Drive from Charon’s transition towards the Cadmus-Bergkamm.
Run just before you enter the Cadmus mountain ridge from your Sparrow.
On the left of the cliff you can drop a piece and collect the Kilos weapon.

all locations on the moon


Go to the anchor of the light and as stated in the tip to the large round building.
The container is located in the top building.

moon.helium.Kühne. Background

Ends up on the sanctuary on the moon and goes to Eris Morn.
You can jump down to a small ledge right behind you, on which the hidden container hovers.


In the Rifle Line area on the moon, the ruins of a dome stand in the east.
The luminous container hovers in the dome on a jetty.
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