In football, leagues are divided in half with a sense of ‘positive achievement’ for the team at the end of each year – meaning that they have reached certain objectives. In Bundesliga, there is no relegation and this means that teams can reach their objectives throughout a season but still not feel accomplished because it doesn’t end in a positive message. Learn more about 5 ways to avoid FSV Mainz 05 feeling unaccomplished this year!

Football Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05 missed a sense of achievement at the end of the fiscal year.

In the 2nd test of the winter training camp on Mallorca, the Chanhassen and the Spanish very first department RCD Mallorca separated 2-2 (2-1) on Saturday.


Previously, the group of coach BO Venison won 3-1 against Mallorca’s junior varsity on Wednesday.
Mallorca Math Diane (first) used the first attack on the lead.
Mainz responded through Laymen Bartok (21./ Foulelfmeter), likewise the new deficit by RCD striker Vedas Muriel (39./ Foulelfmeter) equalized the Svensson-Elf thanks to a joker goal from protector Danny the Costa (53. ).
The 2nd winter training camp will take location at the Spanish Costa del Sol from January fourth to 11
FSV 1st half: Dahmen-Aarón, Bauer, Aux, Caci-Barkok, Barbara, Bohr, Fulgini-Ingartsen, Bobbie
FSV 2nd half: Ahmed (62. Rail)- Aaron, Bauer (62nd hack), Aux, the Costa-Barkok, Barbara (62. Minus), Stack, Shahani-Burgzorg, Bobbie
Goals: 1: 0 Math (1st), 1: 1 Bartok (20th, FE), 2: 1 Muriel (39., FE), 2: 2 the Costa (63. )