The article starts by telling the story of UPI Strike, who took over the world in the 1980s and won a number of international titles. It then goes on to discuss five efforts he is taking to make Germany a top soccer nation.

A robot can also do that, Strike put her finger in the injury and added:
Of course, these essential details would have to be made readily available to the 12 fitness instructors with the 4 laptop computers on the replacement bench, said Strike with one
Great, no longer having to carry out the incentive. They not only offer the fitness instructor a larger tactical scope, but likewise keep more gamers in a great mood, stated Strike, the apart from the shoe size
The 68-year-old provided an example: You also want to fix circumstances for terrific pressure and in a confined area.

After the World Cup from the German nationwide football group, UPI Strike took stock and strongly comprised versus the ing management of the DFB team.
The European champ from 1980 and Vice World Champ of 1982 also not like the basic advancement in football.
No one will soon understand our, said UPI Strike in an interview in the Kicker about the mechanization of football.
The usage of the video referee in case of limited decisions is no longer in the spirit of the game, specifically if the VAR is not used consistently.
If you want such choices, then you have to go through it consistently, the 68-year-old continued to warn, who celebrated numerous successes in his active career, including Borussia Mönchengladbach and Genuine Madrid 3 times and the UEFA Cup
Line judge? This activity is only a job development measure, no one requires it anymore due to the fact that they only raise the flag from the basement anyway. A robotic can likewise do that, Strike put her finger in the wound and added:
Why not utilize the HAWK-Eye in the occasion of a trunk-as in tennis?
Strike, on the other hand, would keep the referee.
So that the gamers have at least one to sniff, stated the ex-professional and the former coach, which also spoke out versus increasingly more unnecessary stats that do not bring any even more.
If a left-footer sweats more than a right-footed footer? […] If you take in more energy with tunnel shoes than with knobs? Naturally, these crucial information would need to be offered to the 12 trainers with the 4 laptops on the replacement bench, stated Strike with one
Huge pinch of sarcasm.

Strike operated in the youth area of the DFB and later on likewise as an assistant coach of the A national group
The previous worldwide did not deal with innovations.
Great, no longer having to carry out the impetus. Likewise, the chance to do 5 substitutes. They not just provide the trainer a larger tactical scope, but also keep more players in a good state of mind, stated Strike, the apart from the shoe size
The striker, on the other hand, is hazardous to.


UPI Strike: The German group has actually denied itself

The German nationwide soccer group, who took care of Strike as an assistant coach in between 1998 and 2000, did not escape well with the ex-coach.
The ing management has actually made many errors over the last few years that led to the current result.
The big problem remains in my viewpoint that you deny yourself, Treelike examined the initial round of the DFB team at the World Cup in Qatar and explained: We think that the so-called German virtues are no longer up to date.
You copy a lot, however don’t stay with your own strengths.
The 68-year-old provided an example: You also wish to resolve scenarios for great pressure and in a restricted area. The pas is frowned upon, you’d better go to run the risk of. If you then discover that the lively ways are not enough, then
rapidly lower your heads.
It was a mistake that a classic center forward was hardly ever used in Qatar.
According to Strike, one has always had a vital function in the German game in its entire history.
Without this our video game lacks depth, and the wing video game stuns because there disappears recycling, stated the 68-year-old.