Oliver Khan, the German goalkeeper for the 2002 World Cup team, has openly talked about his struggles with depression. In a new podcast with Florian Holster, who was his therapist at the time, they discuss Khan’s mental breakdown during the 2002 World Cup and how they helped him get back on track.

Every football fan who keeps in mind the World Cup last in Japan in 2002 understands this picture: Oliver Khan, 33 years of ages, sits at the post of his objective in the Yokohama arena after the last whistle.
His look is empty.
The goalkeeper applauded as a titanium made an extremely earthly mistake in the last against Brazil (0: 2).
He has a shot from Brazilian Rival do in the 67th minute bouncing forward, striker Ronaldo puts Brazil in the lead.
There are still 23 minutes to play, but it’s the preliminary decision.
Care deceptive.
Kansas Destroyed.
A man falls into deep self-doubt.
I looked at two billion people when I failed, he believes.
In the objective, the possible reactions of the public had actually passed in front of his inner eye.
Oliver Khan is now 53 years old, CEO of FC Bayern Munich, a magnificent guy on the football stage with a degree as a Master of Service Administration.
No longer the Outreach, who in Dortmund bite the opposing striker in his neck, his teammates grabbed by the sleeping fittest to shake them up.

Respected, even more feared, invited in opposing stadiums with monkeys and bananas.

Khan was not the only Bavarian patient

In a 2017 Television show, then in a book this year, Oliver Khan spoke a few times about how his doggedness and errors drove him into a tunnel.
He calls it burnout or being tired.
The common disease indicates anxiety.
The Vulcan gel.
Often he hardly showed up the stairs in your home.
Today Khan wants to free the disease from her stigma.
The local of Karlsruhe wishes to motivate those affected to seek expert help.
He has done this with Florian Holster considering that the late 1990s.
The prominent medical professor headed the Munich Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry until 2014.
Khan was not the only Bavarian client, reports anxiety scientist Holster in the Podcast of his foundation named after him today, in which the reporter Ina Ten and Khan interviewed him about anxiety and dash mental disorders.
Holster remembers his patient Sebastian Dasher.
Bast Fantasist ought to end up being the new Bavaria star and yet just ended up being depressed.
Bavaria manager UPI Honey at the time was ahead of the time, he begged him: I don’t care what they say and write outdoors. The boy ought to just get well once again!
Bayern, the high-performance community in German football, were early with recognizing and treating psychological diseases.
Whether effective coach Ottoman Withheld or just recently defense bar Benjamin Award, who attempted to support Munich.
It assists, says Oliver Khan, that he himself is representing his health problem.
The objectives in the blockage time of the Champions League final in 1999 against Manchester United, the mistake worldwide Cup last, the pressure over all the years, the monkey sounds, the bananas, its own fabricate remembers: I constantly have a symptom
felt, this burn-up, everything has cost a lot of strength.

Khan discovered to categorize things differently

Just with the assistance of Holster did he find out to handle it better.
He didn’t state like others tear you together, however developed a strategy and listened with Khan.
Dealing with yourself, change in perspectives, these were the milestones that made a more well-balanced goalkeeper and after that individuals from Khan.
This stood out throughout the 2006 World Cup when Khan had to demonstratively supported his representative and competing Jens Lehmann in the goal.
That would have been unimaginable for the early barge.
Khan found out to classify things differently.
However, he didn’t want to do without football.
I desired to change things, my person in my job, I didn’t want to run away.
For Khan, establishing this resistance in the stressful expert environment and expert aid is likewise among the recommendations from his own case.
At that time, nevertheless, speaking about the anxiety might have implied career. For God’s sake! That shouldn’t be public under any circumstances.
That was the mindset 15, twenty years back.
Not just that is various today.
He also believes that the humiliating monkey sounds and bananas are no longer so endured in stadiums.
His brand-new role as Bayern official helps him with personality change, much like his experiences as a player.
When we left Villarreal in the Champions League, I stayed calm. It is not always well.
Eventually, nevertheless, individuals in his brand-new role awaited him durability, i.e. resistance.

In basic, it took him a long period of time to find distance from football.


At the start I ended up being absolutely restless at 9 at night when the Champions League begins. I even made forest courses during the night to sidetrack myself.
That is different now.
And not only that. In any case, in the podcast you encounter a new, reflected Oliver Khan beyond the cliché.
It is less entertaining than the crazy goalkeeper, however no less fascinating.