The next generation update for The Witcher 3 unruffled new life to an already fantastic adventure, taking advantage of the last hardware that PS5 and Xbox Series X and Series S have to offer.
In fact, they have added to the game not one but two new graphic modes to do exactly that, so if you are ready to play again, here are how to change the graphic modes in Witcher 3.

How to change the graphic modes in The Witcher 3

Image source: CD Project Red through
Changing graphics modes in The Witcher 3 is very simple after having updated the game to the next generation update, which is version 4.0.
At any time during the game or in the main menu:
Pause the game and choose options.
In options, down to screen.
Now choose graphics to find the frame rate mode.
On PS5 and Xbox Series X, Witcher 3 has two graphic modes: performance and ray layout.


The first points to 60 fps with dynamic resolution, while the Ray Tracing mode is 30 fps with lots of fantastic lights and reflexes.
In Xbox Series S, however, these are performance and quality, since it has no ray layout functions.
The best way honestly is reduced to personal preference.
That said, if you plan to use the new photography mode, you may want to change to ray route mode to take some screenshots.
To access the photo mode, both in Xbox Series X/S and on PS5, simply click on the two analog sticks to join them.
And that is all to know how to change the graphic modes in Witcher 3. If you have spent a time since the last time you visited the continent, improve your skills learning to overcome the Noon wraith.
When you access the Hearts of Stone DLC, our Open Sesame tutorial will also find useful.
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