Chris Met zen announced his retirement from blizzard Entertainment on November 8, 2016. However, in an announcement at Blazon 2017, Met zen is returning to the company as a creative advisor after 18 years.

As Blizzard Home entertainment revealed in the individual of Warcraft General Supervisor John High, the previous World of warcraft creative director Chris Met zen will return.
Met zen, who left the studio in 2016, will act as an innovative consultant in the future.
First, the focus will be on wow, after which the location of duty can broaden to other areas:

Citizens of Zeroth, I know that Chris Met zen joined the Warcraft management group as an innovative advisor.
Chris will first focus on Wow and after that extend his work to other jobs of this growing brand name.

Chris was among the members of the initial group who worked on the development of the Warcraft universe in 1994, and we are very happy to reunite with the world that he developed with.
Met zen was associated with various Warcraft tasks given that Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.


For World of Warcraft he was part of the imaginative team and, as a voice actor, lent his voice to the character Thrall.