FC Schalke 04 lost to Marduk Split with a score of 7-2 in the Euro League. This article summarizes the game, talking about how the change of leadership for Schalke 04 (their coach) might have had an impact on the game.

After more than 25 years, FC Schalke was again at Marduk Split to Gast-Damals as a ruling UEFA Cup winner.
In contrast to the 3: 2 in the first UEFA Cup round in September 1997, the renewed conference was just a test game this time.

once again and again Tahiti

The Croatian cup winner began this better and practically took the lead through Tahiti in the very first minute, however Farming was on the post in the brief corner.
Königsberg struggled in the initial stage and acted too gradually on the offensive in order to actually radiate danger.
At Marduk, Tahiti mainly stayed hectic, made Moor look bad on the right and served Public in the middle, who took the lead (24th).

Porter and Butler in interaction

Königsberg came up much better later on, also because Dealer constantly dropped supporting in the defense chain.
The actions on the offensive became faster, the death video game much safer.
Porter extended a cross from Butler with the hoe to the far corner (37th).
The pioneer of the 2-1: Chide obstructed the shot of the enemy in the penalty location by hand, the charge converted Butler (44. ).

Marduk turns the game

After lots of modifications, it was initially not right at the start of the second round on the Schalke defensive.
Tahiti used a bad pass from Bobby on Moor instantly after the reboot to 2: 2 (47th).
Königsberg followed a few attacks on the neck strike, and replace Kara man did not put the best in the objective from a short distance (50th).
Marduk, on the other hand, continued to be freezing cold: Bilk pressed a flat changeover the line (61. )- the momentum was back with the Croatians.

Suzuki just the connection objective

The dynamic back and forth continued in the final stage.

Djokovic increased after a complimentary kick flank from Tahiti (71. ), then the replacement Suzuki shortened to 4: 3 (73. ).
In the final phase, the 4: 4, who also substituted, practically prospered, but Lucia in some way kept the deflected shot (80th).


Suzuki’s shot from the range was the last chance of the game (90. +2).
Prior to the Christmas break, there is another test video game for S04.
On Thursday we go to the Bremen bridge to the 3rd division club Osnabrück (7 p.m.).