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Deschamps leaves the future open
Madrid confirms surprising statement
Bundesliga star supplies World Cup Ovum
Kinsman wishes Messi the World Cup title
Even more strong demand to DFB jersey
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+++ 18.12.2022, 07:22 p.m.: Jacobs: The grandmother’s house was stormed +++.

The German U21 European champ Ismail Jacobs has actually felt the football enthusiasm in Senegal first-hand.
On the very first day we were spontaneously visiting my grandmother in Dakar and already there it was entirely over. I had a security guy with me, but that was far too little. In 5 minutes the entire location was full of individuals. They climbed up over fences., stormed your house, reported the ex-Kölner, who had gotten involved in the World Cup for the Africa champion, in the Express.
Right away before the World Cup finals in Qatar, the specialist of AS Monaco got the right to play.
4 days prior to the first video game, FIFA suddenly had objections since of my video gaming license. On the match day, the association president told me: ‘ISO, you should not play’. In the last conference of the game, the group supervisor then stated that I am there.


, stated the outdoor car gamer.
The very first look was gigantic, from zero to 100, which was right against Holland. I was right in it, was just incredible for this video game. There was no uneasiness, nothing, I could enjoy it entirely, said Jacobs.

+++ 18.12.2022, 07:09: Deschamps leaves the future open +++.

Didier Deschamps left his ing future as a French national coach shortly prior to the World Cup last versus Argentina.
I’m not the most essential individual here. It does not depend upon the result, said the 54-year-old before the final this Sunday.
He does not think beyond the video game. I focus to do everything I can to win the game..
With a win, Deschamps after the Brazilian Pelé would be the second individual who wins the World Cup 3 times.
According to the expert newspaper L’equip, the coach’s contract expires on December 31, talks with association leader Noel Le Grant are planned.
The enormously successful Zinedine Zidane would currently be readily available on the training market, with which Deschamps celebrated the World Cup title in his own nation as a player in 1998.
Being France coach was always the most wonderful thing that occurred to me in my profession, said Deschamps.
I liked to play for France as a player. Training the team was an unbelievable opportunity and I still enjoy doing it as in the beginning..

+++ 18.12.2022, 07:00 p.m.: Loris desires to write its own history +++.

With the captain’s armband on the arm, Hugo Loris could compose two times history.
France’s 35-year-old goalkeeper would not only become part of the nationwide team in a win worldwide Cup final this Sunday against Argentina, who successfully safeguarded the title in 1962 as second to Brazil.
Loris, considering that this World Cup French record player, would also have actually been the first football expert to prosper as captain.
I hope this video game will enter into history, particularly French history, said Loris.
I had the opportunity of winning the prize, I am extremely happy of that. I’m now concentrating on today, we wish to compose our own story..
Against Argentina around Super Star Lionel Messi, he expects the competition to play the most difficult game.
We have actually to be gotten ready for every circumstance, stated the goalkeeper of Tottenham Hotspur, who will likewise surpass the record of the previous World Cup record goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (19) with his 20th World Cup game on Sunday.

+++ 18.12.2022, 06:53 a.m.: Flick outs.

As a TV viewer on the home couch, Hansi Flick ends up being a secret fan of Lionel Messi in all neutrality used for a national coach.
If you are a football romantic, you would like the Lionel Messi since he is just the exceptional gamer of the past ten years when you take Cristiano Ronaldo. However, Messi is just Messi. Obviously, he showed what in the video game against Croatia.
For a quality he has, stated Flick prior to the World Cup last in between Argentina and France in the interview of the German Press Firm.

I take a look at it in your home, said Flick before the video game in the Lugsail stadium on Sunday.
Obviously you can follow the relocations in the stadium even much better because you can see more things live, but we utilized the time with the coaches for our own analysis, he discussed a waiver of a return to Qatar an excellent 2 weeks after his own World Cup.
– Fail.
With all the enthusiasm for Messi, Flick naturally likewise has a look at the French.
Both teams deserve to be in this last, emphasized the 57-year-old.
France is also very stable. You want the much better group should have world champion, emphasized Flick.
Naturally, he feels special accessory with his previous Bavaria gamers.
There are Kingsley Coman, Benjamin Award, who you know, Lucas Hernandez is sadly hurt. Of course, this is the case that you have a various relationship, observed Flick.
Eventually, he is completely neutral, take a look at the game and in the end the much better group is expected to raise the trophy..

+++ 18.12.2022, 06:44: Morocco King congratulates nationwide team +++.

Morocco King Mohammed VI.
After the last video game of Morocco at the World Cup in Qatar, thanked the players, coaches and workers of the national team.
We praise you on this extraordinary historic efficiency, he said in a letter on Saturday evening.
The king praised the discipline and professionalism of the team, which had actually represented the African and Arab football well.
The country was grateful and happy of what the team had achieved.
Morocco was the big surprise of this World Cup.
The defeat versus France in the semi-finals ended the group’s final dreams.
The Moroccans are still the very first African group that the leading 4 have reached at a World Cup.
On Saturday, the nation lost the game for 3rd location against Croatia 1-2.

+++ 17.12.2022, 10:17 p.m.: Southgate probably stays England coach +++.

According to media reports, Gareth Southgate stays in English football coach.
The coach wanted a few days after the quarter-finals at the World Cup in Qatar versus France (1: 2) to continue his commitment to the 3 Lions, reported the English paper The Telegraph and the TV broadcaster Sky.
Prior to the competition, Southgate had actually been criticized after weak performance in the Nations League, and the German coach Thomas Tuchel had currently been served as a follower.
At the World Cup, however, the English provided strong services.
In the end, a shot penalty from Harry Kane was definitive versus France that the relocation into the semi-finals was missed.
Southgate has actually been a national coach considering that 2016.
In 2018, he led the team to 4th location at the World Cup in Russia, at the European Champion in 2015, England unhappily lost the final against Italy in the penalty shootout.
Southgate, whose agreement is still running until 2024, has been the most successful England coach because Sir ALF Ramsey, the World Champion coach of 1966.

+++ 17.12.2022, 7:49 p.m.: Coach looks confidently in the future +++.

Morocco’s trainer Valid Regroup is based on an African victory at one of the upcoming spending on the World Cup.
A group from Africa will become world champ in the next couple of years, stated the 47-year-old coach of the World Cup surprise team after the 1-2 (1: 2) against Croatia in the game for third location.
All African groups might gain from the appearances of the Moroccans in Qatar in the future.
Why are the Europeans always reaching the last rounds of the tournament? Asked Regroup: You have the experience..
4th place revealed that we work hard in Africa and have an excellent future ahead of us. We have the objective of winning the World Cup one day..
Regroup, who was the next location for Morocco again, spent success at the Africa Cup, also revealed criticism that just 5 African groups could certify for the World Cup.
This is a shame. Every time we have to fight to be there..
In the 2026 World Cup in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico, which was expanded to 48 teams, there will be 9 beginning locations for the very first time.

+++ 17.12.2022, 7:01 pm: Madrid verifies unexpected statement +++.

Croatia’s co-trainer Via Olin presumes that football star Luka Modrić will continue his career in the nationwide group.
When asked whether the 2-1 play for the third World Cup versus Morocco was the last worldwide match between Madrid for Croatia, Olin responded to Magenta TV: No, I don’t believe so..
The 37-year-old Madrid absolutely wished to be at the Nations League final tournament in summer, Olin stated.
He was 100 % convinced that Madrid wished to dip into the competition when he was healthy.

In addition to Croatia, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands have likewise received the final round of the Nations League 2023.
The games happen in Rotterdam and Enschede.
The semi-finals are arranged for June 14th and 15th, the final for June 18.
The semi-finals will be drawn on January 25th.
Quickly later on, Madrid confirmed the statement: I want to play the Nations League at least. Then I will believe about the euro..

+++ 17.12.2022, 4:30 p.m.: Bundesliga skill sets World Cup record on +++.

Protector Joke Guardiola from RB Leipzig made a record in the video game for third location at the World Cup between Croatia and Morocco.
The defense attorney scored the interim 1-0 for the Europeans and therefore ended up being the youngest kicker in his nation at the age of 20 and 328 days, who ever scored an objective at a World Cup finals.

+++ 17.12.2022, 2:58 p.m.: Deschamps waives Benzema +++.

France’s nationwide coach Didier Deschamps wishes to deal with the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar versus Argentina without leading striker Karim Benzema.
It would not be reasonable to my 24 gamers I have in the squad, said Deschamps at the safeguarding champ’s press conference on Saturday.
Whether the (assaulter) of Real Madrid will fly to Qatar as a viewer to the World Cup last is outside his decision-making force, Deschamps continues: I concentrate on my team and the gamers that are offered to me..
Ballooned’Or winner Benzema injured himself shortly before the World Cup begin, but continues to come from the French World Cup squad and is currently suited Spain.
It ought to also be all set for use.
The relationship between Deschamps and Benzema, which turns 35 on Monday, is considered tense.
Benzema-Anders, as the injured Fresnel Impede, Paul Pogba and Gold Kanté-Laut of the day-to-day paper Le Parisian, ought to not become part of the delegation that is flying to Qatar with President Emmanuel Macron.

+++ 17.12.2022, 2:13 p.m.: Martínez gladly in the outsider function +++.

Argentina’s soccer goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez feels comfortable in the role of the outsider before the World Cup last against France.
We beat Brazil in the last of the Copa América in Maracanã in 2021. And now individuals can likewise state that France is the preferred, said the 30-year-old one-day prior to the last in Qatar on Sunday.
However we have the very best player ever, added the keeper with a view of superstar Lionel Messi.
The Argentinians desire to get their 3rd World Cup title in the Lugsail arena.
Martínez can hardly believe that they made it to Saudi Arabia after the defeat of the World Cup against Saudi Arabia.
It’s completely insane, he said.
We lost at the beginning of the competition, however maintained our stress. We improved from game to video game. It was a really tough way for us..

+++ 17.12.2022, 1:32 p.m.: Ex-national coach Kinsman treats Messi +++.

The former nationwide coach and today’s FIFA professional Jürgen Kinsman hopes for a success of Argentina with superstar Lionel Messi in the last of the World Cup.
We are all Messi fans. We simply wish that he will win the title and finally get to a level with Diego Maradona in his house country, stated Kinsman at a press conference of the Technical Study Group (TSG) on Saturday.
Argentina will put all cards on Messi in the last on Sunday (4:00 p.m. CET/ARD and Magenta TV) versus defending champ France.
The luster of the superstar is that he makes the distinction, said Kinsman.
The World Cup title for Messi would be an excellent story.
The TSG expects an open but initially controlled final.
We are excited to see which group will come out first and take the risk, stated Kinsman.
An early goal would be very important so that we experience an open game.
From the point of view of the TSG, both teams have a comparable approach. They are rather scheduled, leave the ball to the challenger and after that start the counterattack at a crazy speed..

+++ 17.12.2022, 10:56 a.m.

France’s national football coach Didier Deschamps does not wish to be influenced by the cases of disease in the group in preparation for the World Cup final against Argentina.
We attempt to handle the scenario in addition to we can. We stay calm and focused, stated the 54-year-old before the last on Sunday.
Naturally we would prefer not to have this problem, however we try to manage this with the aid of our medical professionals as much as possible..

The FRMF sent out a letter to the responsible body in which they show the referee scenarios, through which the Moroccan group, according to several referee experts, were withheld two indisputable penalties. The FRMF likewise expressed its great surprise (Var.
) did not respond to these scenarios, it states.
The association also described: The FRMF advises that it will not shy away from protecting and safeguarding the rights of the national team by devoted to fairness in refereeing and these referee decisions, which during the semi-final game of the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
Were satisfied..
However, a subsequent video game score and hence an influence on the game for third place on Saturday or the World Cup last at Sontag is unlikely, given that referee choices are normally viewed as an accurate choice if there is no breach of the guideline.
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, stated the outside vehicle player.
There was no anxiousness, absolutely nothing, I could enjoy it entirely, stated Jacobs.
Of course it would be excellent for him to win the World Cup. We are in the World Cup final and battle for our nation, stated the 25-year-old when asked about the last World Cup title opportunity for the 35-year-old Messi.
The FRMF sent out a letter to the responsible body in which they show the referee scenarios, through which the Moroccan group, according to a number of referee specialists, were kept 2 undeniable penalties.

The safeguarding champ has been using a variety of illness considering that the start of the week.
Most just recently, the protector Raphael Marine and Ibrahima Donate, who could not train with the group, captured it.

Bavaria professional Kingsley Coman, who had actually previously experienced fever, was likewise missing out on in the system on Thursday.
Their commitment in the last is simply as open as that of the battered Aurélien Tchouaméni and Theo Hernández.
For this, Day Upamecano and Adrien Radio are most likely to return, which had actually been missing ill in the semi-finals.
It was too early for an update to the personnel situation, stated Deschamps on Saturday afternoon.
He also did not desire to go into handling the French camp in the French camp.
We attempt to live and do what is necessary, he stated.
France is the first string to effectively protect his World Cup title since Brazil in 1962.

+++ 17.12.2022, 7:30 p.m.: Further strong demand to DFB jersey +++.

The jersey of the six-time world footballer Lionel Messi is, for ing items makers Adidas, soon before the World Cup final between Argentina and France (Sunday, 4:00 p.m. CET/ARD and Magenta TV), is not surprisingly a seller.
The gathering in the logistics center in Raise in Lower Saxony remains in full speed, with around 10,000 orders, the Argentina jersey with the number ten of superstar Messi on top was presently said.
The jerseys of the German team, for example from Serge Gnabry, are still very much in need despite the World Cup excretion in the initial round.
The company from Herzogenaurach is definitely pleased with the World Cup service.
Adidas for that reason expects a turnover of around 400 million euros through the World Cup, the bulk of which will occur in the fourth quarter of 2022.

+++ 16.12.2022, 8:56 p.m.: Unique reunion for Dembélé +++.

For Humane Dembélé, Lionel Messi will see once again in the last of the World Cup.
The two offensive players had played together at FC Barcelona.
I had a fantastic time with Messi, said French worldwide over the four years together with the Argentinian at FC Barcelona.
Of course it would be excellent for him to win the World Cup. We also want to win. We are in the World Cup last and defend our nation, stated the 25-year-old when asked about the last World Cup title chance for the 35-year-old Messi.

+++ 16.12.2022, 4:20 p.m.: Trio is missing in France training +++.

The French nationwide football group trained 2 days prior to the World Cup last without 3 of their professionals.
Kingsley Coman from the German record champ Bayern Munich was missing out on from the unit along with defense chief Raphael Marine and Ibrahima Donate on Friday, all because of cold symptoms.
This was reported by the AFP news firm, mentioning a source near the group.
According to the association, Woman had currently missed the system on Thursday.
As early as the semi-finals against Morocco (2-0), coach Didier Deschamps could not get him off the bank due to the fact that of the weakening.
He likewise had to do without the ill Day Upamecano and Adrien Radio, however both have actually now recuperated.
Upamecano had been changed by Donate.
The Frankfurter Randal Solo Mani likewise reported on Friday about the rampant influenza wave in the Équipe Tricolore.
However that’s absolutely nothing major, he emphasized.

+++ 16.12.2022, 4:11 pm: Ca steels desires to continue +++.

Despite the frustrating World Cup in Qatar with the surprising end in the initial round, Wolfsburg’s goalkeeper Keen Ca steels does not believe of a resignation from the Belgian nationwide group.
I do not prepare to draw the line, stated Ca steels in an interview with the Wolfs burger Allegiance Dating.
Belgium had traveled to the World Cup with his so-called Golden Generation as one of the fellow favorites, but then had dissatisfied and only acquired gladly at the start against Canada.
With a view to the European Championship 2024 in Germany, Ca steels, who was not used in Qatar, anticipates a couple of resignations.
National coach Roberto Martinez is no longer in office.
However, I do not think we begin from scratch, said Ca steels (30).

+++ 16.12.2022, 2:01 p.m.: World Cup final in danger?

Morocco is protest +++.
Morocco formally objected at FIFA due to the fact that of the referee efficiency by Mexican César Arturo Ramos on the planet Cup semi-final versus France (0: 2).
The Moroccan Football Association published a matching declaration on its website.