Chris Met zen is returning to Blizzard as a Creative Advisor! He will be working alongside the game’s developers to guide and promote their games.

For all enthusiasts of Blizzard games and more specifically of the Warcraft license, Chris Met zen is clearly an emblematic figure.
As soon as he got to Blizzard in 1994, he stood imposed as a moon of the studio figures, up until becoming imaginative director then senior vice-president in charge of the narration and advancement of the Warcraft license-it was Chris Met zen who laid the basics of the world
Zeroth in Warcraft: Orcs & Human beings then which makes it progress especially in World of Warcraft and its extensions and even in the film Warcraft.
And it was also he who assisted to shape Universe Dover watch.

Chris Met zen nonetheless announced his departure from the studio in 2016, to devote himself to his household (he had just been a dad once again) and to maintain his psychological health.
Little surprise today, 6 years later on: John High, Managing Director in charge of the Warcraft license at Blizzard, announces the return of Chris Met zen to the Warcraft leader, as innovative consultant.


He specifies: Initially, Chris will focus on Wow, then his work will set for other tasks of this expanding license.
We therefore understand that Chris Met zen aims to add to expanding Lu native of the MMORPG, and he might for that reason be led to work on other license games (like Hearthstone or the recent Warcraft Arc light Rumble), or perhaps to team up with new video games
Not yet announced-maybe a mobile Warcraft.
Should we see a revolution for the license?
Lavender will say it.
At this moment, we will especially remember that Chris Met zen is named imaginative advisor.
In other terms, he does not go back to Blizzard’s workforce (he does not find his historical position as an innovative director), he is likely to meet advertisement hoc objectives for Blizzard, on specific topics.
His experience and creativity will definitely be precious for developer groups, but we understand that his decision-making power will be plainly limited-and that Operation may likewise aim to simply associate his name with the license, despite his concrete contributions to the future of
We will be what it wonders to discover the upcoming developments in Zeroth.