Disco’s move to FC Seville was seen as a way for the Spanish international to revitalize his career on the pitch. However, it appears that his future with the Spanish club is now in doubt. In this article, we’ll explore why Disco’s future may not be with FC Seville and what it means to one of European football’s brightest stars.

There is talk of an arrangement, as it had already existed in Real Madrid in summer season after nine years.
Just four months later, however, this suggests that DISCO and the struggling Seville FC are currently going their different methods.


The five-time Champions League winner had really signed in Andalusia for 2 years.
According to March, the termination of the contract will be officially announced in the coming hours.
After the dismissal of coach Jules Lopetegui, a close familiar DISCOS, the situation in the table 18.
The Spanish league intensifies with sports director Mon chi.

a single goal-unimportant

Disco played just 19 games in the FC Seville jersey, he scored an objective.
This, in the victory in the Champions League versus Copenhagen, secured the Andalusian’s third in the group and hence the qualification for the Europa League preferred competitors.
Lopetegui successor Jorge Sample is stated to have currently informed the club not to prepare with Disco, the absence of willingness.
In the past few weeks, the noble professional has actually trained ankle-making all-line.
By the way, Lopetegui now cares for the Wolverhampton Wanderers, who are also on a relegation zone in the Premier League.