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Month: January 2023

Riots Lack of Communication Causes Uproar Among League Of Legends Players

In League of Legends everything can change very quickly.

Every two weeks Riot Games usually launches a new update to the game, inging buffs, nerfs and other types of changes to champions, items, runes and other components of MOB.
Occasionally the community needs to deal with exceptions, such as Riot’s holidays or the case where developer HOI hacked, but usually everything follows normally and has become routine for the community to read the patch notes.
However, a Senna player caught the attention of Lol fans on Reddit.
According to him, Riot would have made a change in the champion without making the change public.
Game Designer Rioter eak decided to talk about the theme-but this did not necessarily diminish the anger of the community.

Riot changed Senna without warning the community?

User Bullshit_Spotted noted that, in fact, from Patch 13.1b, Senna had received a slight change in very accurate mechanics: the W + Flash combo that allowed her to surprise her opponents by performing a sudden immobilization.
Since the update, it would no longer be possible to be able to perform this combo, making the mains Senna have to be content with a much more visible and predictable flash + W wagon.
However, the worst of all is that Riot Games did not communicate this change in the update notes.


Anyone who reads the summary will see that only the change in the champion’s MANA regeneration was published by Riot.
This lack of communication did not please the community.

riot freak: an explanation that is not quite an explanation

Asked about the controversy, Rioter eak said that if there is no Riot communication on this kind of subject, it is because this is done intentionally.
In addition, he ruled out the hypothesis of oblivion and said the developers considered the change very small to include it in the patch notes.
It is true that this is a niche mechanics, and it concerns only the most experienced players with the champion, but who is Main Senna did not think that this was a good justification.
In addition, Senna’s case is not completely isolated.
Many game mechanics are based on elements that border on bug exploration.
Without going into detail, we can mention the cancellations of self-attack, hatboxes or flash combos.
As players get used to these mechanics quickly, it is difficult to distinguish the bug exploitation from true mechanics.

How To Quickly Get Pieces Of Bloody Stone In Bloodborne: A Step-By-Step Guide

Blood borne is a popular role-playing game in which players can use a mass of weapons to hunt enemies.
These enemies are strong, and the players who want to survive will need to improve their weapons using pieces of bloody stone.
Pieces of bloody stone are objects to improve weapons up to +9.
In total, you will need 16 pieces to get +9 status for one weapon.
The more weapons you want to improve, the more pieces of bloody stone you need to get.

How to farm pieces of bloody stone in Blood borne?

The fastest and most simple way to get pieces of bloody stone in Blood borne is to farm them with the help of the bowl dungeon.
Some of these dungeons can be passed in about 10 minutes.
Nevertheless, if this is too long for you, a YouTuber named a tramp found a way to get at least one dungeon with a bloody stone in less than two minutes.
Here’s how:

before entering the dungeon:

  1. Firstly, do not forget to equip all Eye Carell runes before taking up the test, as they will help increase the chances of finding pieces.
  2. Next, complete the chill Tumor and make a bowl of roots with all three rites-a fetid offering, rotten offering and a curse-on pure tombstones into a hunter’s sleep.
    This will give you access to the dungeon of the bowl.

at the entrance to the dungeon:

  1. As soon as you enter the dungeon, go forward until you reach the door.
    Open it, go forward until you see a bunch of enemies, then enter the passage to the right.
  2. Go forward until you see the staircase.
    Climbing him and defeat the enemy upstairs, then click on the lever.
    This opens the door to the old maze.
  3. Then turn back and go to the room where you encountered enemies earlier.
    Ignore them and go straight until you see the gate.
    Open it and continue to go forward until you see the staircase.
    Climb on it, then open the door upstairs.
  4. Behind this door is a room with the cerebrocosa inside.
    You can quickly get to this carrots, turning left and going down the stairs.
    Defeat it to get two pieces of bloody stone and several gems of damned hardened raw blood.
    The cerebral carrier is a weak enemy, but it shoots shells that can cause you damage from afar.
    Hide in the columns until he stops shooting, then quickly approach him.
    You can go through this dungeon as many times as you need to get pieces of bloody stone and other resources.
    Performing the above will help you improve your equipment so that you can survive in this complex game, even if you delve into it.
    Additional Blood borne manuals see How to quickly increase the level in Blood borne and Best Weapon in Blood borne here, in the guidelines for the game for professionals.

Is Madden 24 Coming Soon? Speculations On The Launch And Early Access Revealed

Madden 24 is still a long method off, so not surprisingly EA is yet to disclose an official release date for the video game.

EA has a regular pattern of when they launch their sports titles, so we do have an excellent idea of when to expect Madden 24.


With that in mind, we can likewise look ahead to a prospective early access period for the game too!

Madden 24 Release Date


Madden 23 was released on Friday, 19 August, with early gain access to available three days earlier on Tuesday, 16 August.

Following the usual schedule, we anticipate that Madden 24 will be launched worldwide on Friday, 18 August 2023.

This indicates we might see early access for Madden 24 available to players on Tuesday, 15 August 2023.


Madden 24 Early Gain Access To

Unsurprisingly pre-orders are not yet offered for Madden 24, but we will have all the details when they do.

One thing we can state for sure though is that pre-orders will be one method of guaranteeing yourself early access to the new game.


Early gain access to is usually available to players who order certain editions of the game, and usually the more pricey ones!

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Madden 24 EA Play Trial


Following the very same pattern, the EA Play Trial for Madden 24 will be readily available on Tuesday, 15 August 2023.

Regardless, the EA Play Trial will still provide players the possibility to evaluate out the new game prior to buying it.

This was usually launched in advance of early gain access to, however for their 23 sports titles consisting of Madden 23 and FIFA 23, EA launched the trial during the early gain access to duration.

In previous years EA has actually used a totally free 10-hour trial to gamers who have actually subscribed to the EA Play membership service.

Isaiah Hartenstein Leads The New York Knicks To Their 8th Win

The New York Knicks have been surging lately, and it’s largely thanks to the leadership of Isaiah Hammerstein. The German basketball professional has been instrumental in leading the team to their 8th win in a row, and this article will explore his role in the Knicks’ success.


The New York City Knicks with the German basketball professional Isaiah Hammerstein have reserved the 8th success in series in the NBA.
No group worldwide’s the best basketball league presently has such a run.
The Knicks in Madison Square Garden won against defending champion Golden State Warriors on Tuesday evening (local time) plainly with 132: 94.
Hammerstein came on two points, 5 rebounds and 3 templates in nearly 19 minutes.
For the Knicks it was the very first home win versus the Warriors considering that February 2013.

In the top video game of the Western Conference, the Denver Nuggets won a 105: 91 against the Memphis Grizzlies and likewise took over the lead with 19 wins and 11 defeats.
Nikola Jokić pertained to a so-called Triple Double with double-digit worth in 3 categories for the nuggets with 13 points, 13 rebounds and 13 templates.
A lot of points get Moran at 35 for the grizzlies.
Previously, the Washington Wizards ended a series of ten defeats in the North American league and won 113: 110 against the Phoenix Sun.
With 29 points, Kyle Burma was the most successful thrower of the Wizards, Landry Shame reached 31 points for the Suns, who needed to do without the battered Devin Booker once again.

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