In League of Legends everything can change very quickly.

Every two weeks Riot Games usually launches a new update to the game, inging buffs, nerfs and other types of changes to champions, items, runes and other components of MOB.
Occasionally the community needs to deal with exceptions, such as Riot’s holidays or the case where developer HOI hacked, but usually everything follows normally and has become routine for the community to read the patch notes.
However, a Senna player caught the attention of Lol fans on Reddit.
According to him, Riot would have made a change in the champion without making the change public.
Game Designer Rioter eak decided to talk about the theme-but this did not necessarily diminish the anger of the community.

Riot changed Senna without warning the community?

User Bullshit_Spotted noted that, in fact, from Patch 13.1b, Senna had received a slight change in very accurate mechanics: the W + Flash combo that allowed her to surprise her opponents by performing a sudden immobilization.
Since the update, it would no longer be possible to be able to perform this combo, making the mains Senna have to be content with a much more visible and predictable flash + W wagon.
However, the worst of all is that Riot Games did not communicate this change in the update notes.


Anyone who reads the summary will see that only the change in the champion’s MANA regeneration was published by Riot.
This lack of communication did not please the community.

riot freak: an explanation that is not quite an explanation

Asked about the controversy, Rioter eak said that if there is no Riot communication on this kind of subject, it is because this is done intentionally.
In addition, he ruled out the hypothesis of oblivion and said the developers considered the change very small to include it in the patch notes.
It is true that this is a niche mechanics, and it concerns only the most experienced players with the champion, but who is Main Senna did not think that this was a good justification.
In addition, Senna’s case is not completely isolated.
Many game mechanics are based on elements that border on bug exploration.
Without going into detail, we can mention the cancellations of self-attack, hatboxes or flash combos.
As players get used to these mechanics quickly, it is difficult to distinguish the bug exploitation from true mechanics.