• FSV Mainz 05: Dahmen-Hanche-Olsen, Fernandes, Caci-Widmer (40. Hack)- Bartok, Stack (67. FC Bayern: Sommer-Pavard, Upamecano (64. Davies), Seine (71. Gretzky), Musial, Coman-Müller (64th Gravenberch)- Choupo-Moting (69.

FC Bayern Munich provided the ideal answer after a rough start to 2023 and moved into the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup with a sovereign 4-0 win at FSV Mainz 05.
FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann changed the tactical orientation and provided brand-new access to João Cancel straight, who thanked it with a strong performance.
At the break, the game was already preliminary, Mainz also ended them surpassed.
Last-minute responsibility João Cancel fell with an assist to 1-0 by Eric Maxim-Choupo Moving and also glossy.
The other objectives scored Jamal Musial, Leroy Sané and Alphonso Davies.

  • With Daley Blind, another Bayern player made his launching.
  • On the other hand, the game for coach BO Venison (red) and Alexander Hack (yellow-red) ended prematurely.

FSV Mainz 05-FC Bavaria: The analysis

Compared to the draw versus Frankfurt in the league, the 3rd in a row, Benjamin Award again rotated into the first string for Josie Statistic at FCB.
In addition, newbie João Cancel was enabled to go right from the start, frequent gamer Alphonso Davies got a break.
And Julian Nagelsmann actually changed the tactical formation, chose on a chain of five with Cancel on the right, Kingsley Coman left and award within.
In midfield there was once again no classic next male for Joshua Gimmick.
Mainz coach BO Venison exchanged 3 times, among other things with Aaron Martin, the position on the left in the five chain was filled.
Cancel was right away in the video game, often relocated and made space on the extreme right for the colleagues.
After the flank by Müller, Choupo-Moting headed over the box (3rd), a cross racket put Leroy Sané from 16 meters beside the objective.
The FSV began the guests really high and created ball wins, which likewise resulted in a degree by Bartok.
The coordination of the Munich triple chain with the firefighters sometimes ended up being in requirement of improvement, however the little cobblers were not punished.
Bayern made the game rapidly through Seine and Cancel on the right or Müller, who often dropped-there were right away appealing scenarios, the finest through Woman, who shied out of an acute angle at Ahmed’s foot defense (10th).
After 15 minutes, the FCB already had six degrees, quickly later on Choupo-Moting headed for been worthy of management one-Aaron was far too passive at Cancel’s flank.
When the video game just took a small resting phase, Musial put on the left into the far corner.
Together with Müller and Seine, the child was extremely variable, with which the 05s had big problems.
Mainz did not quit a single shot at the Bayern goal in the very first half, the 3-0 by Seine after artistic coup moving template was extremely been worthy of.
After Mainz needed to alter due to injury soon prior to the break (considering that Costa for Wider), Alexander Hack and Jae-young Lee likewise came for the second round.
The midfield was more aggressive by the latter and the pressing of the Chanhassen was initially a lot more extensive.
Regardless of the wobbling from Upamecano and de Light, there were no clear degrees.
Rather, Müller practically decided on the opposite side (53./ 58.).
It was only actually tight for Yann Summer’s box with a Schooner from CAC, although FC Bayern now lacked a few portion points in defensive intensity.
In the last 25 minutes, Daley Blind celebrated his Bayern debut, and Ryan Gravenberch (who needed to be treated for a brief time) was also able to gather game practice, and debutant Cancel and Seine also had completion of the day.
The Mainz no longer got beyond methods, the exact same was for FCB, which only invested the bare essentials.
To 4: 0 by Davies (by head!) It was still enough, and Akin likewise sent out the Mainz coach with red to the stands and hack with yellow-red.

FSV Mainz 05-FC Bavaria: The constellations

  • FSV Mainz 05: Dahmen-Hanche-Olsen, Fernandes, Caci-Widmer (40. The Costa), Barbara (46. Lee), Bohr, Aaron (46. Hack)- Bartok, Stack (67. Ingvartsen)- Torque (67. Onside).
  • FC Bayern: Sommer-Pavard, Upamecano (64. Blind), de Ligt-Kimmich-Cancelo (71. Davies), Seine (71. Gretzky), Musial, Coman-Müller (64th Gravenberch)- Choupo-Moting (69. Gary).

FSV Mainz 05-FC Bayern: The information about the game.

  • Objectives: 0: 1 Choupo-Moting (17th), 0: 2 Musial (30th), 0: 3 Seine (44. ), 0: 4 Davies (83. ).
  • Yellow cards: Wider (24th), Hack (49. )- Müller (38. ).
  • Yellow-red card: Hack (86./ wiederholtes nasty).
  • Red card: Venison (82nd).
  • Thomas Müller based on the pitch for the 63rd time for FC Bayern in the DFB Cup and hence corresponded as a Bayern record gamer in the cup with Sept Maier.
  • Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting had eight objectives in his 4 DFB Cup games for FC Bayern-more than two times as numerous as in his very first 18 trophy video games (3).
    Given that the Bundesliga promo in 1965, a gamer has never ever scored many goals in his first 4 DFB Cup games for Bayern.
    In his 5th cup game for Bayern versus Mainz, he followed up straight.
  • For the 3rd time, Mainz 05 and FC Bayern satisfied in the DFB Cup in the DFB Cup in 1999/2000 (3: 0) and 2005/06 (3: 2 N.V.), the Munich team prevailed versus the Chanhassen in your home.


The star of the game: João Cancel (FC Bayern).

Simply gave his starting eleven launching simply one day after his commitment.
The newbie interpreted his function as a right-wing outside player-and rewarded his gallery appearance with an assist (17th).
In addition, with some unsafe passes into the interface.
Due to the fact that he hardly gave the left-wing Mainz side to breathe, defensive only a little required (but with a few weak information actions).
That makes you want more and must be rewarded by Nagelsmann with a view to the Wolfsburg video game on Sunday!

The flop of the game: Aaron (Mainz 05).

Was nearly stuck against Cancel.
He never ever got a grip on the Portuguese and was often disrupted at his pushing.
Substantial: Martin just pertained to the duel, and he lost this.
He was redeemed at the break.
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The referee: Deniz Akin.

Had no issues with the easy-to-lead game and did not make a coarse error.
The yellow cards for Wider and Hack after tactical fouls was just as reasonable as those for Müller who wished to go over akin vehemently.
In the couple of heated scenes, he soothed down the minds with his typical open conversation.
On the advice of his 4th assistant, he pulled out red for Venison.