Rescuing codes to get free items has become one more common practice in various games, including Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.
Since the release of the 9th generation players have been able to get useful items for the journey and post-game it will be no different with the chance to get an especially interesting TM.


The ninth generation arrived with the mechanics of terarystalization allowing its Pokémon to temporarily adopt another type.


This mechanics is also linked to an attack called Term Blast, which has 80 power and 100% precision.
This ability has the particularity of acquiring the teracrystal type of your Pokémon if it is textually.
Therefore, if your Pokémon is the Grass type, but has the Fire Teracrystal type, the Term Blast will be Fire type, taking advantage of the Stab-Same Type Attack Bonus, i.e. a bonus of power for the scam having the same type
of the Pokémon.
It also uses attack statistics that will allow you to inflict the greatest damage.
Term Blast’s explanation is because the new code available allows you to obtain TM 171 containing this scam.
You can find the code below.
Therefore, it is clear that this gift will not please everyone, for it is a TM that is usually obtained during your adventure.
Also, you can create it through the TMS machine, however, it is still a gift, and you can ignore it if you don’t want to.
Note that you can redeem this code until March 31, 2023, at 3:59 pm.
Do not forget that it is very likely that we have other codes later, as was the case in December and January.

How to rescue a Mystery Gift?

The Mystery Gift feature is unlocked early in the game and can be accessed at any time through the menu.
See below a simple step by step:
Open the main menu with the X button
Click on the Poképortal option
At the bottom of the menu you will see Mystery Gift
Click it to select via code or password
Enter the present code
You will receive the items directly on your bag