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Is it worth it to repair the lighthouse in the cult of the lamb?

The lighthouse in the aisle of Pilgrim quickly goes out, and only you can save him. At the cost of 15 firewood and 25 fragments of crystals, players are wondering whether it is worth repairing the lighthouse. Below we will tell in detail what you will receive in exchange for help in ensuring the safety of the shores of Pilgrim.

What does the lighthouse do in the Cult of the Lamb?

As the pilgrims worshiping on the lighthouse will tell you, the lighthouse does not allow the ships to break on the nearby cliffs near the shore. This does not mean anything for you, as for a player. For you, a repaired lighthouse opens a new source of devotion, as well as more shopping opportunities.


When you donate 15 firewood, the pilgrims inside the lighthouse will be always grateful to you and arrange a sanctuary inside the lighthouse, where you can collect devotion. Again lighted fire will also attract more pilgrims on the coast that will open the store. Here you can buy new jewelry, paths and even tarot cards.

Later, pilgrims will tell you that the lighthouse needs crystal fragments. As soon as you donate 25 fragments of crystals (which can be found in an Ankordip), pilgrims will give you a new form of a follower for your cultists.

In the end, the repair of the lighthouse is worth it, because it opens another path for the cards of the tarot, goods, forms of followers and bonus devotion.

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! WoW Dragon Flight offers option against switch

The MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight is still located in the alpha test . The programmers utilize this time to try out some brand-new attributes and gameplay aspects . Due to the fact that they should make it a lot easier for several fans to play , the current adjustments audio particularly interesting. We sum up one of the most vital information for you.

it is a lot easier

A freely selectable Interact Key is currently available. The video game instantly starts the matching interaction with your game personality if you press this while you are near an NPCS . This conserves you to lead and click the mouse guideline via the NPC. It is therefore a tiny time financial savings . Nevertheless, it continues to be to be seen just how well this works if several NPCs are very close with each other. A comparable function is Car Fight that immediately targets an opponent objective when you approach it. A different click with the computer mouse or making use of the tab key is therefore no more required.

A change that is especially in emphasis is the Hold to Cast . Much, for the implementation of the possible optimal strike rotations , it was required to modify the hotkey for a certain ability very swiftly as well as often. Nonetheless, this spam should quickly be a point of the past: With the recent change in the Alpha of World of Warcraft (Purchase now): Dragon Flight you can merely hold such a hotkey , the corresponding capacity is then triggered instantly , as quickly as the equivalent covering time has actually ended. This should be associated with the consistent working on certain tricks. Nevertheless, Hold to Cast does not work in link with macros *. Blizzard Entertainment wishes to avoid that turnings can be exceedingly automated.


When does wow: dragonflight?

A concrete launch day for the MMO extension is still not recognized. According to Snowstorm Amusement, magazine is certainly planned for the later program of 2022. However, there is not even a beginning date for the beta examination , which generally takes numerous months.

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The MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight is still situated in the alpha test . The recent changes sound particularly interesting due to the fact that they must make it much simpler for several followers to play . This spam ought to soon be a point of the past: With the current modification in the Alpha of World of Warcraft (Purchase currently): Dragon Flight you can just hold such a hotkey , the corresponding capability is then caused automatically , as soon as the corresponding covering time has run out. If you push this while you are near an NPCS , the video game instantly starts the matching * interaction with your video game personality.

Peter Stöger about team boss Ralf Rangnick: Will go with the ÖFB

Half Austria expected team boss Peter Stöger. In the end, the choice surprisingly fell on the German Ralf Rangnick. Stöger has the decision of the ÖFB with version.

It was not for the first time that Peter Stöger was associated with the team boss in Austria. A post that the former BVB coach always described as a dream.

Stöger can now live with national coach Rangnick. “For me it’s completely okay. With the Ralf Rangnick you have found a coaching personality that is very experienced, which has experienced a lot and who will also fit the ÖFB at the moment, ”says Stöger at Sky.

“I always said that I would like to make the position, but I also always said that I was fine. I am a Austrian through and through, I loved playing for this national team and of course I keep my fingers crossed for Ralf Rangnick that we can achieve everything we hope for. ”

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Ralf Rangnick Gives His Thoughts On Manchester United Rebuild After Final Old Trafford Game As Boss
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The 56-year-old does not feel disappointment, as he emphasizes: “No. The business is just like that. So it’s completely okay. ”Whether he will continue to be available in the future? “I don’t discuss that now. It is a position that always remains exciting. “

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