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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis updates New expansion, the new region

You will no longer be complaining about the lack of content in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Today’s major update – Frozen Resolution – introduces a lot of news to the game: the smaller and the larger.

We mentioned the update last week, so now we’re just going to copy a piece of that news.

We are getting a new winter region—Karis with mountainous locations covered with snow and ice. You will find a new city, opponents, training fields, collectibles, and challenge quests. Additionally, all players will have a board on which they can surf in the snow!

The maximum character level will be raised to 60, and all classes available in the game will receive new skills. We will also receive the third story chapter with further missions, where we will meet new characters.

The game will also include a new series of 6-star weapons, many missions, and side events. Members of the alliance (something like a guild) will now be able to complete quests and earn exciting rewards. Many QoL changes include auto item sales, better costume preview, and more.

A year has passed since the launch of New Genesis on the market today, so this update is a pleasant surprise. And also proof that SEGA intends to continue developing this MMO.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy: This is how the long-awaited Red Flu will work in the magical Avalanche RPG

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, the chimney network is available and will allow you to teleport from one place to another in the open world of Hogwarts very quickly with the gameplay that we expected for the RPG with no specific release date yet.

This week, we were treated to a new trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy. While the latter doesn’t reveal any new gameplay footage, it was released to show us how well it will suit the PlayStation 5 and its DualSense controllers. Instead, on the official blog, written by Avalanche Software, that new and delicious information awaits us. There are four new gameplay gifs and, above all, a text that tells us what Harry Potter fans imagined in black and white: The Floo powders will serve to teleport you from one point to another in Hogwarts castle and its surroundings.

The teleportation system in Hogwarts Legacy
With an open world as large as the map’s concept art suggests, it is evident that Hogwarts Legacy would benefit from a teleportation system so travel between and around different Hogwarts locations wouldn’t take too long. Of course, it will be possible to do everything on foot, on a flying broom, or even on the back of a Hippogriff, but as in any game of this type, you will inevitably want to go Hogsmeade in the blink of an eye for example.

In the prolonged State of Play gameplay trailer earlier this year, we saw these sorts of green flaming contrails reminiscent of the fireplaces we see in the Harry Potter movies. No doubt, then, Floo powder would be the ideal resource to teleport from one place to another, although Portkeys could also be a good idea.

If you rewatch the gameplay trailer today, you’ll see that there are respawn points all over Hogwarts and out in the open. The recent blog post confirms that it is a network of chimneys and even reveals a few seconds outdoors with one of the teleport points.

The Chimney Network and Flu Network
Now let’s look at the chimney net, thanks to the Harry Potter wiki. The Floo has been around for a long time in the wizarding world and is governed by the Department of Wizarding Transportation. All chimneys in magical buildings are entitled to connect to this incredible network so that witches and wizards can move from one vent to another using a particular product called Floo Powder.

You know this if you’ve read JK Rowling’s books or seen the movies: To move around the net, a sorcerer must correctly pronounce the name of his destiny or risk being sent to an unpleasant place. Such a detail probably won’t be available in the Hogwarts Legacy game, but hopefully, we get a chance to say “Digon Alley”. You may need to purchase Floo powder to use the network.

Call of Duty Warzone Developers Admit Gas Mask Issues

Earlier this May, players were shocked to find that the gas mask in Call of Duty: Warzone was showing some weaknesses, again!

Coupled with a tricky screen hitting the skin’s life bars, the animation still seems to cause players trouble. When the latter is actually in the gas, if they have the equipment, their operator automatically puts on the mask, but, once again, the animation is at the center of all the tensions.

The developers talk about the gas mask.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Warzone’s gas mask has been missing, and if Season 3 had been able to solve the animation issue, it hasn’t. This issue initially prevented players from shooting enemies when the animation was triggered, causing them to lose the duel in most cases. This time, the energy prevents players from deploying their parachutes.

On Twitter, former pro player Tyler TeeP Polchow shared a clip where we see him stupidly losing the game due to this deployment issue not triggering due to skin animation.

While standing on the roof of a building and lining up multiple players with a bow, the latter wishes to enter the area but must jump from the top. And even though he thinks he can shoot his parachute, nothing happens, so the animation takes over the parachute.

As a result of this, Ted Timmins, the creative director of the Battle Royale, has wanted to address this issue, however thorny it may be. If we still don’t have a real fix at this time, the developers are doing their best to resolve this issue.

Given the latest statements from Ted Timmins, we can now expect a fix for this annoying animation to come very soon because, as you can imagine, TeeP is sadly not the first player to experience this issue.

Few days left for Operation Monarch
In the meantime, you still have a few days to enjoy the presence of Godzilla and King Kong through the Operation Monarch event in Caldera. If the latter is not crazy, it will have had the merit of entertaining us for a few seconds.

Also, like any Warzone event worth its salt, you can unlock a legendary weapon blueprint through it by fulfilling the various challenges it offers. Along with the legendary blueprint for the Bravo tactical rifle, you can also win some cool stuff like Monarch Only Lucky Charm, Team Godzilla Emblem, Master of Horizons Calling Card, Team King Kong Emblem, Ancestral Skull Lucky Charm, Bitumen Jungle sticker, the amulet of luck Vestige and, finally, the spray One Must Fall.

How to catch Legendary Pokémon Go Pokémon?

Ever since the first Pokémon games were released in the 1990s, Trainers have been some of the most sought-after creatures. They’re powerful, excellent, and incredibly rare, so naturally, everyone wants them.
Whether you’re looking for classics like Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, or newer additions like Zacian and Zamazenta to the game, you’ll be happy to know that most Legendaries are available in Pokemon Go. However, there are a few notable exceptions. Below, you’ll find details on each Legendary Pokémon that made its Pokémon Go debut, which ones you can currently get in raids, and some tips on catching them when they’re defeated.

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go
Here are all the Legendaries that have made their Pokemon Go debut so far:

legendary pokemon
Release date variocolor version
Articuno july 2017 Yes
Moltres july 2017 Yes
Zapdos August 2017 Yes
Mewtwo August 2017 Yes
raikou August 2017 Yes
Entei August 2017 Yes
Suicune september 2017 Yes
Lugia August 2017 Yes
oh oh August 2017 Yes
Regirock August 2017 Yes
regice june 2018 Yes
Registeel july 2018 Yes
beats april 2018 Yes
latios april 2018 Yes
Kyogre January 2018 Yes
Groudon december 2017 Yes
Rayquaza february 2018 Yes
uxie april 2019 Yes
mesprit april 2019 Yes
Azelf april 2019 Yes
talk March 2019 Yes
Palkia January 2019 Yes
Heatran december 2018 Yes
Regigas November 2019 Yes
Giratina (Altered) October 2018 Yes
Giratina (Origin) april 2019 Yes
Cresselia November 2018 Yes
Cobalion November 2019 Yes
Terrakion November 2019 Yes
virizion december 2019 Yes
Tornadus february 2020 Yes
Thundurus March 2020 Yes
landorus March 2020 Yes
March 2020 Yes
March 2020 Yes
landorus april 2021 Yes
Reshiram May 2020 Yes
Zekrom june 2020 Yes
kyurem july 2020 Yes
Xerneas May 2021 Do not
Yveltal May 2021 Do not
Tapu Koko Do not
Tapu Fini May 2022 Do not
Zacian August 2021 Do not
Zamazenta August 2021 Do not

If you’re wondering why fan-favorite Pokémon like Darkrai and Deoxys don’t appear on this list, they’re technically mythical creatures, not legendary.
Also, quite a few Mythical Pokémon can only be obtained by completing the limited-time Special Research quests.

How to catch Legendaries?
The only way to catch a legendary in Pokemon Go is to beat one in a 5-star raid. These battles occur in gyms, and you’ll usually need to team up with at least five other trainers to win.
Once you have beaten a Legendary, you will receive a limited amount of Honor Ball to capture them. Capture rates are meager, so you may have to try more than once.

What Legendary Pokémon are currently available to catch?
In March 2022, Trainers will be able to encounter Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Koko, and the Thundurus and Landorus forms on different dates. Niantic regularly rotates the legendaries that appear in the 5-star raids, so you have to watch for the one that interests you the most.

What are Legendaries missing?
Below is the list of Legendary Pokémon that are not available in Go:
Type: Null
Also missing is the debut of the Galarian versions of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdo. Niantic will most likely release them at some point, but we have to keep waiting for them for now.

Battlefield 2042 Almost twice as many players for launch as Battlefield V

Denude Anti-reboot, or Denude, is an anti-manipulated security modern technology established by the Austrian business Denude Software program Solutions GmbH, a business developed through the purchase by the management (for its acronym in English — HBO) of Sony DAD Digital Works. It is asserted by DENUDE that its system is not a digital rights management option (DRM), considering that it is created to overcome the security of existing DRM services, such as the among online access beginning and also the management system of Vapor licenses.

DICE Responds to Battlefield 2042 Launch Issues...

Exactly two weeks ago, the Early Access for pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 started and exactly one week ago, since the shooter was officially published. Recently, DICE discussed the plans for the next three updates to Battlefield 2042, of which two have already rolled out. For, the launch was more than bumpy and was clouded by technical problems and bugs, when millions of players gathered for the first time on the battlefields of the near future. How many millions of players Battlefield 2042 had to Launch, Electronic Arts did not express in exact numbers. According to its own statement, however, the latest part of the series should have had almost twice as many players as Battlefield V. For the next week, the third update follows. The patch notes for the second update published yesterday can read here.

More realistic than the last of us The future of the next gene is scary

Unreal Engine is a game engine produced by the firm Legendary Games, at first shown at the first-person Unbelievable shooter in 1998. Although it was developed mostly for the first-person shooters, it has actually been effectively made use of in a range of other genres, consisting of Stealth video game, fight, MMORPG and also other RPG. With its code written in C ++, the Unreal Engine provides a high degree of portability as well as is a tool presently made use of by numerous video game programmers. One of the most steady variations is Unreal Engine 4, which was released in 2014 under a subscription model. Given that 2015, you can download and install at no cost, with your resource code readily available in GitHub. In May 2020, legendary revealed Unreal Engine 5, intended to be launched completely at the beginning of 2022, including uniqueness such as Lumen innovation (worldwide lights in genuine time), Nanite and also a brand-new even more arranged and sophisticated editor.

A video of a VFX Studio demonstrates what is possible in the Unreal Engine 5: Hyperrealistic faces that provide an Uncanny Valley effect. Is this the future of games like The Last of Us and GTA?

So realistic could play games

The VFX Studio Diva Dynamics shows how Next-Gen games could look like in the future. With the help of Motion Capturing, the studio in the Unreal Engine 5 creates something, which is amazing and scary at the same time: hyperrealistic video game characters whose facial expressions can be controlled in real time.

How to realistically the whole thing looks like, you see in the following video:

In the best case, facial movements in video games could thus be in the future liquid appearance as ever. But it can also come to the Uncanny Valley effect — that is the feeling that something almost human acts, but at the same time something unnatural resilient.

This effect is slightly more significant in the following clip, the created by an AI :

How some commentators say under the Reddit post, the smile looks a little stiff. The lips are not quite as they should and there are still a few shadows as well as body fluids in the mouth area to make it more realistic. By and large, however, the comments agree: the videos are impressive. The same opinion seems to have over 94,000 people who have donated to the post’s up vote.

When can you expect photorealistic game characters?

Diva Dynamics has often worked on CG models for film and television. That the studio now wants to devote video games, could mean that they offer their services also large games studios, as soon as the technique is mature. When that will be, however, can not be estimated.

Since a GTA 6 is already in development, the next major AAA games will probably have to get along without the hyperrealistic faces of Diva Dynamics. Since the Unreal Engine 5 makes the formalism shown but already possible, the whole thing could still go faster than expected. Let’s see what’s going on in the future. Source: Diva Dynamics)

So, but now enough looked and stunted — now it’s going on: We challenge you to guess well-known video game characters alone on the basis of stupid descriptions. I wish you success:

You May Need to Lower Your Expectations For Next-Gen Graphics

Can you guess 7 Game character based on stupid descriptions?

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Wow Patch 9 2 End for Clique and Mouseover Macros New Interface

With patch 9.2 of WoW Shadow lands two new features in the standard interface are mainly healers make life easier. Instead of having cumbersome each skill with mouseover macros to act on players or WoW add-ons installed as clique be integrated Click Key binds and mouseover aim in targeting the Standard Interface.

Who needs mouseover macros?

Mouseover macros allow players a group member or enemy to target and an ability to act as soon as the mouse pointer is over the target. This saves the constant Rumgeklicke, which is especially useful for healers who constantly and often need to change the destination. This saves the millisecond to click time, which can sometimes decide on virtual life and death.

So far, players have it written for each ability mouseover macros or use add-ons like clique with which skills could be attached to the left and right mouse buttons. As the data miners have found from towhead, both the macros are unnecessary and additional add-ons thanks to two new features in the standard interface.

Click Key binds replace add-ons like Clique

Strings in the game files of patch 9.2 show the options for the possible skills to mouse clicks to bind.

Add Binding
Target Unit Frame

Shadowlands Beginner Healing Guide | How to Heal with Blizzard Frames | How to use Mouseover Macros
Click on a spell or macro to get started
% S Unbound
Not available while in Click Cast Bindings
| Interface \\ option frame \\ UI option frame NewFeatureIcon: 0: 0: 0: -1 | click Casting
% SO s
Not available for Click Cast Binding
% S (default)
% S (Macro)
Unbound — mouseover and click to set
Hover over and click a mouse button to set a binding
Custom Mouse Bindings
Default Mouse Bindings
Open Context Menu
Do you want to reset all bindings click to Their defaults?

You have unsaved Click Cast bindings. You will lose any changes if you close now.
You have unsaved Key Bindings. Would you like to save them before entering into Click Cast bindings?

mouseover options in Patch 9.2

The mouseover options indicate that you can choose whether skills will always be worked to be used (always active) or only via Modifier (in combination with Shift, Alt, etc.).

Mouse Overcast Key
Use the SHIFT key to cast targeted spells on your mouseover target.
When held this key will enable mouseover casting.
No key set.
Use the CTRL key to cast targeted spells on your mouseover target.
Use the ALT key t
| Interface \\ option frame \\ UI option frame NewFeatureIcon: 0: 0: 0: -1 | Unit Frame Mouse Overcast
O cast targeted spells on your mouse over target


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Hideo Kojima indicates new project and fans believe that Norman Reedus is there

Video Kolyma is known for crazy ideas and sloping concepts — Who else wants a game that changed in real time or create your own game from a single pun? Exactly that makes for many but also the fascination this man, no wonder so that fans keep his work closely in mind.

Norman Reedus & Hideo Kojima interview | Countdown To Death Stranding
And as Kolyma shared on Twitter, he seems to be knee-deep in the next project. The background of the photos shown there is quite blurred and also all involved with their backs to the camera. However, this does not stop fans from making them tasks about the possible participants.

Kolyma’s new project: Are Norman Reeds and Mads Mikkelsen?

Several comment writers believe in recognizing the picture Norman Reeds and Mads Mikkelsen. The two actors are not only for their roles in Death Stranding, Kolyma’s last work, known, they also often show themselves with the Metal Gear Solid Creator in public and on social media.

At any rate, hairstyles and physique of photographed people were indispensable for some enough indications to assess the assumption of Mikkelsen and Reeds. Kolyma’s picture heading is unfortunately used to cryptically and therefore there is no real information: Lately, I have looked at the plan and script again and experiment with everything else.

It remains exciting what Kolyma’s project is exactly. Although a video game would probably be most obvious, it could also be a movie. Finally, in his company Kolyma Productions, he has just opened his own department for film, television and music and after ever Kolyma has always had a finalization for the cinematic staging.

Also, Geoff Kafka seems to be very fascinated by Kolyma’s work, he commented the photo with a corresponding Emoji. Whether that may be an indication that we see more of Kolyma’s project at the upcoming Game Awards 2021, which on 9 . December be held?

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Source: Video Kolyma on Twitter

From Jonas Roger
24.11.2021 at 17:48

Rogue Light Hakusura Belt Scroll ACT TUNCHE The Latin American culture is also known while tasting the elements of each genre s masterpiece Developer interview

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the Lead Light Belt Scroll Action BUNCHE released on November 2 for PC / PS4 / CSX / Xbox One / Switches increase.

This work is a belt scroll action with a rogue element or a Hitler element with a rogue element or a Hitler element, based on the South American Amazon jungle. Handwritten animation, five characters, and three local multiplayer are also characterized. Customary to Japanese.

Bunche is distributed for 2,050 yen (Steam).

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Dmitry is Dmitry of senior producer. My favorite game is Rock man X and Final Fantasy VIII. I do not think that I am the best game in history, but I think it is a work that I personally enjoyed.

-Why did you start developing this work?

Dmitry There are many stories with Latin America, and it is talked about how generations, but it is not known worldwide. Therefore, we wanted to make a game with the Amazon stage. More people wanted to know about our culture while enjoying the game.

— Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Dmitry This work is a work with a blend of belt scroll actions and Hasura and a rogue element, and is also characterized by a stage such as hand drawn animation and Amazon’s jungle.

— What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

DMITRY Belt Scroll Action, Hasura, who likes any of the rogue lights, and those who like Latin American culture. Or, you will also be suitable for those who like playing the game with your friends!

— Is there a work affected by this work?

Dmitry is affected by many things. Story aspects are influenced by Latin American myths and legends, and account for large parts of this work. On the game play side, it is influenced by 2D’s masterpiece, final fight, Bear knuckle, and recent one, Devil May Cry and There is also an impact from HADES.

— Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Dmitry New Corona had a lot of influence on how to work as a team. I had to get used to work from home, rather than my office, but it was good to be able to work even from long distance, so it was good that it was good to get used to this new system.

— Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Dmitry yes, please. By delivering this work, more people will know about this work, and I’m glad if you can enjoy the people you are looking for.

— Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Dmitry2D Action Games, and I like the rogue light elements and everyone in Japan, please play this work! Many development team members love Japanese games, and this work has also been greatly affected from Japanese games. I’m glad if you can enjoy this work for everyone in Japan.

–thank you very much.

◆ About attention indie mini questions
This series is a serialized plan that interviews the works with indie led by indie led by release immediately after release. Questions are formatted to format a regular serialization, and we aim to deliver the voices of many developers as much as possible. Enjoy more than 500 other interview articles.

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