Aka Games (CEO CHO Kyuhyun) released the new PC game ‘Terra’ by Reality Magic (CEO Kim Sung-kyun) in the form of early access (Hysteria) in the form of early access.

‘Better’ is a multiplayer survival FPS game set in the background of the abandoned Earth of Earth.

‘Estella’ supports PVP, EVE server and single mode at the same time. If you want to experience extreme competition and growth, if you prefer PVP, sticky cooperative play, you can enjoy EVE and destroyed future Earth.

Meanwhile, Aka Games will present a limited skin to the user who played ‘Estella’ until December 31st.

An official of Aka Games said, We are happy to be able to show ‘DETER’ to users by launching early access.


Detailed information on ‘Deter”s early access can be found on the official brand page, the Steam community, and the official Discord.