Twitch has partnered with Xbox for a special Game Pass promotion. From November 3 to 11 users will be able to redeem up to three months of PC Game Pass when making two subscriptions on any streaming platform channel. Learn more about the offer and specifications to ensure your signature in this matter.


A very intelligent association

It is buying or donating two signatures on Twitch that you can benefit from the Game Pass to PC offer. Be careful, however, because this offer is valid only for new members of the game Pass , which turns out to be an excellent strategy for Microsoft Promote your service.

If you fit this requirement, you will receive three months of PC Game Pass when making two signatures on Twitch or when giving two subs. Remember that a signature on the platform costs $7.90, i.e. the investment would be $15.80 , and the single signature of PC Game Pass costs $5 in the first month and R $29.90 monthly, so that the Twitch offer is very worthwhile.

Terms of the offer

For a limited time, we are forming a partnership with Xbox to offer a PC Game Pass test when you support Twitch Streamers. From November 3rd 13h45 T to November 11 20h15 T Qualified Twitch users will receive a 3-month test PC Game Pass When they buy two new registrations (including gift subscriptions) from any Twitch channel. This is an additional benefit to complement everything you already receive when subscribing, including custom, distinctive emotes, visualization without ads and more.

After purchase, a code will be sent to your Twitch notification input box and will be available on the drop inventory page and redemption rewards on the Xbox website. The reward rescue codes expire on November 18, 2022, at 23:59 PT, so do not take a long time to rescue them.

It is worth reinforcing that current members or have already signed a game in the past are not eligible for the offer. For all the details of the general conditions of the offer, go to the official website of the Twitch platform.