After the resignation of Franco Foda, the ÖFB is looking for a new team boss. With Andreas Duke now mixes another candidate in the race for the post as a Austrian national team coach. The Admira President Philip Thonhauser confirmed on Monday in the “Sky” broadcast “Talk & Goals”.

“I was called and asked if it’s okay if the sports director talks to our coach,” says Thonhauser, who also confirmed a first conversation between Duke and Peter Schöttel. Fix is a departure of the current Admira coach but by no means: “For the Andi, however, the focus, and I talked to him yesterday, fully on the Admira.”

Duke “certainly a good candidate”

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Duke, who was always in the past as a Austrian team boss in conversation, would be a suitable successor for Foda according to Thonhauser: “Of course, I would not wish me. But, lens, the Andreas Herzog is certainly a good candidate. He has a good candidate. He has a good candidate. He has a good candidate the quality. He has the experience. Why not? “

At the end of April at the end of April, the new team boss should be determined. On Sunday Peter Stöger had confirmed interest and contact with Schöttel. In addition, the current U-21 team boss Werner Gregoritsch also showed himself.