For many players, Royale High Royaloween is the most exciting time of the year-the return of Wicker Cliffs, many terrible accessories and classes, a new halo at the fountain, which may not like?! So, with all the hype around this update, when RoyaleWeen debuts in 2022? Unfortunately, at the moment, no one knows the exact answer to this question except the developers of Royale High. However, we can tell you some backstage information, which you may not have known about, and share our personal forecasts regarding when the update is released.

Royaloween 2022-All we know at the moment

At the time of the publication of this article, on Monday, October 3, 2022, it was assumed that Royaloween update was debuted somewhere between the present moment and Sunday, on October 9, 2022, update to debut, as soon as this afternoon/evening . The charts below collected all the information that we used to create this forecast. However, keep in mind that this is just a forecast; We cannot know for sure when this update will be released!

Date of Halloween 2021

Wicker Cliffs, the location characteristic of Royaloween, was last added to Royale High on October 3, 2021, and was not removed until November 18, 2021. It is obvious that this date should not be directly correlated with its release in 2022, but this inclines us to the idea that the debut will happen sooner than later.

icons Royaloween 2022 are tested

Currently, two icons have been created to celebrate Royaloween this year: the Royaloween icon ???? 2022 and the Celestial icon ???? Passes. At the moment, the Royaloween icon ???? 2022 earned 10 people, and the CELESTIAL icon ???? Passion. As a rule, the icons related to the future update are created before the update is released for general access, and are checked by the developers in private to make sure that they work and are displayed correctly. The icons that are now tested are a good sign that the update will soon be.

places associated with Royaloween were recently updated

According to the Roblox statistical reporting and trading website, Roblox, the Royale High Developers updated many places about 14 hours ago, which in central time corresponds to about 8 o’clock in the evening in the central time on October 2, 2022. The most relevant places that were updated include Wicker Cliffs, Blackwood Manor and Divine Park. For those who are not familiar with Blackwood Manor, this ghost mansion was added to Wicker Cliffs at the end of October to help celebrate the celebration of Royaloween 2021. These places are updated so recently that it is a good indicator that the developers are working on the last strokes!



This is all that we know about Royaloween updating 2022 at the moment. As additional information appears, we will update this leadership accordingly. We will also publish guide to the halo for Halloween as soon as it becomes affordable, so do not forget to contact the PGG as soon as the update is released!

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