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How to get a strike in Deadly Premonition 2

The mini-games occur from time to time in the deadly 2_Premition, and the bowling is particularly important for moving your investigation forward for reasons that go beyond a little bit. York needs to play bowling, but the track is under the control of an old lady who is not ready to give up it. To cope with that, York can visit a store and buy a strange statue of alligator and leave it in front of his house after 22:30, distracting it cleanly and allowing him to play.

The mini-game is not something you can ignore and you have to get a strike to progress. After a few tests and errors, we discovered that the best tactic is simply to break a heavy bullet directly in the lane, slightly offset, to get the typing.

Choose a 16-pound ball, then set your position slightly to the left of the center of the track. Try to land in the upper 80 percent for the strength of the shot, and just give a little rotation to the ball.

Bowling a Strike & All 3 Sidequest Bowling Challenges - Deadly Premonition 2 Big Five Guide
This should guarantee you the strike, because it has worked perfectly for us, and gets a strike every time we have been able to reproduce it in the mini-game. It can take a little time to get the same results as we because the force and rotation indicators move fairly quickly. Most of the time, these are trials and mistakes, but we absolutely recommend going with the heavy ball because it makes it easier to strike.

FC Bayern: Klopp allegedly promotes mega

Robert Lewandowski has not extended his contract with FC Bayern so far beyond the summer of 2023. Therefore, the future of the Munich striker is not only topic in the Football Bundesliga, but also beyond Germany. According to a report from Spain, a former companion of BVB should now dream of working again with Lewandowski.

A good for 15 months Robert Lewandowski is still officially in pay for Bayern and bread. If the leaders of the German football master want to make a cash out with the Polish world-class striker, they would have to sell him this summer. Only then could be a rich transfer for the 33-year-olds.

But actually tarpaulin boss Oliver Kahn and Co. are very different: because Lewandowski is to extend his contraction expirable in the summer of 2023. In more detail, there should be a timely approach, even in the danger that any time a well-known club could register his interest. Just as the FC Liverpool has now done the FC Liverpool from the English Premier League.

According to information from “El Nacional”, the table third parties of Lewandowski trained by the former BVB coach Jürgen Klopp has taken into focus. As the Spanish portal reports, both the FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid on the Bayern striker, however, could both do nothing against the plan of the Liverpooler.

Klopp advertises around Lewandowski with top salary

Because the LFC is supposed to be ready to put a transfer fee of 70 million euros on the table for Lewandowski. Accordingly, Klopp has made a transfer of Lewandowski at most to the priority number 1. The coach wants to curl the FCB star with an annual salary of more than 20 million euros – net! Both sum, with which both Barca and Atleti can not go along.

When promoting Lewy, Klopp also also uses vitamin B. The Liverpool Team Manager and the 33-year-old are well known from Joint Times at Borussia Dortmund. Under Klopp matured Lewandowski between 2010 and 2014 to the top striker until he finally moved to FC Bayern.

Jurgen Klopp Has A Right Giggle At Bayern Munich's Expense
186 games, 102 goals and 42 templates collected the attackers during his bets at BVB under Klopp. Twice the two of the black-yellow won the German championship and once the DFB Cup. In the summer of 2013 it went for BVB with Lewandowski and Klopp to the final of the Champions League, where you were subject to FC Bayern. Do the joint experiences continue from summer at FC Liverpool? Questionable. Currently, it suggests that Lewandowski extends its contract with its current employer.

The hesitant appearance of Bayern should have annoyed the striker. That he leaves the Munich, but he seems rather unlikely.

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