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T goalless division of points in Wiedenbrück

The SC Preußen Münster and SC Wiedenbrück separate the points on the 37th matchday under floodlights in the Jahnstadion. In the 0-0 draw, the eagle bearers were the team that had a little better chance, but there should be no goal against the strong defensive of the home side.

Prussia coach Sascha Hildmann was able to send his team back into the duel in Wiedenbrück without any changes. “The boys all deserved it,” said the football teacher the day before the game. Only one position changed in the squad: Thorben Deters was fit again and was in the 18-way. For him, Darius Ghindovean had to give way.

both sides defensive

With 700 Prussian fans in the back, which stood in round as a green wall directly behind the goal of Max Schulze Niehues, the duel, which did not offer any big highlights. Both teams were defensive and thus ensured that not much happened to the front. It was not that easy in terms of play, but again and again the leather hopped on the lawn of the Jahnstadion and made the Prussian combination football difficult. The best opportunity for the Prussians initiated Marcel Hoffmeier with a long ball that Alexander Langlitz took with his chest, but his final attempt slipped and remained harmless. For a long time, much more did not happen. It was only when Henok Teklab found Gerrit Wegkamp with a flank shortly before the break did it get dangerous again, but SCW keeper Marcel Hölscher had the ball safe.

So it went goalless into the cabin, where there was no change on both sides. However, the picture after the break was also unchanged: the eagle carriers continued to attempt to raise their offensive game, which was not the case against the further defensive Wiedenbrücker. As usual. As a consequence, the Prussians also tried more with long balls, but had against the tall central defenders Gerrit Wegkamp also a difficult time. And if he extended the balls, the sequel often lacked the last third. After 65 minutes, Prussian trainer Sascha Hildmann reacted and brought Deniz Bindemann for Wego in the Sturmspitze.

the chance was there

A single campaign by Manuel Farrona Pulido, who also started to dribbling and was only felled by Oliver Zech shortly before the penalty area. The already warned Wiedenbrücker saw the traffic light card and Luke Hemmerich caught the ball 20 meters in front of the box, but his attempt clapped to the crossbar (73.). However, the eagle carriers now remained in majority on the trigger and managed to move the game forward further. The best chance in the evening was still pending. Keeper Marcel Hölscher wanted to lie down the ball for the long blow, but Farrona Pulido had lurked in his back and stumbled his leather from the foot at the corner of the penalty area. However, his degree was too hectic and flew from an acute angle only to the outside network. A shock second for all eagle wearers who threw everything forward again in the final minutes. The balls also flew in the direction of the penalty area, but there was no longer a real chance and so it stayed at 0-0 in the end.

the data for the game

Remis trotz Tigges-Doppelpack | BVB II - SC Wiedenbrück 2:2 | U23-Highlights

SCP : Schulze Niehues – Schaute, Ziegele, Hoffmeier, Hemmerich – Remberg, Kok (Kwadwo, 72.), Schwadorf (Farrona Pulido, 30.) – Langlitz, Wegkamp (Bindemann, 65.), Teklab (Deters, 80.)

Wiedenbrück : Hölscher – Böhmer, Zech, Pudel – Tia (Hüsing, 68.), Liehr, error, Özer, Brosowski (Amedick, 72.) – Kapan (Osawe, 26.), ACIZ, 50. )))

Gates : –

Yellow cards : ACIZ / FARRONA PULIDO, Remberg

Yellow-red card : Zech

viewer : 2.187

Referee : Selim Erk

Rumor kitchen: PS Plus-Game Pass and an Apple

The video game industry has a further week of numerous news, rumors and reports behind. Last week the Star Wars Games of Respawn and a possible ubisoft showcase focus on reporting. This week, the company Sony, Microsoft and Apple will talk about numerous interesting, unusual but also partly long-awaited reports of themselves.

New PS Plus comes in June 2022

According to a variety of rumors and news, it’s official: PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus “merge” to a new PS plus service. The “new” subscription service of Sony, in the past designated as project Spartacus , should offer a massive library of games. From PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 5 and the PSP, titles should be offered in service (PS3 games only for streaming), provided one pays for the premium service of the model.

This price stage costs 16.99 Euro per month, 49.99 Euro in the quarter or 199.99 Euro per year . Add to that the price levels “ essential ” (8.99 euros per month, 24.99 euros per quarter, 59.99 euros per year) and “ extra ” (13.99 euros per month, 39.99 euros per quarter, 99.99 euros per year).

Table of contents

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Page 2. Rumor kitchen: Microsoft LakThe ReleaseEntermin and Signs of Life of Skate 4

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In the Essentials package of the new PlayStation-Plus service you will receive 2 free games, online multiplayer access, cloud saves and exclusive discounts. The price level Extra also includes the 400 ps4 and PS5 games to download. Streaming is therefore prior to premium exclusive, but previous PS-NOW subscriptions should be taken over without additional costs from June.

Apple console

Apple is supposed to deal with the possibility to bring a video game console to the market. This message comes from a Korean forum named Clien, in which it was talked about that Amazon gets current external assessments on the topic. In addition, with Apple TV is employed as a possible console in any form. Council is obviously looking for ubisoft and Capcom , one would like to believe this obscure rumor. It would be the first Apple console since the failed pippin mid-90s.

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Page 1 Rumor Kitchen: PS Plus “Game Pass” and Apple Console

Page 2 Rumor kitchen: Microsoft LakThe ReleaseEntermin and Signs of Life of Skate 4

Page 3 picture gallery for rumors: PS Plus “Game Pass” and an Apple console

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