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Author: JohnA37

Lukakus historically bad ball contact

Footballers who meet three times or more often in a game, then take the ball home. If Romelu Lukaku had also done on Saturday, although he stayed at Crystal Palace without goal – you could understand it: Much contact had the two, ie Chelsea striker and ball, finally did not have in the 90 minutes earlier.

Lukaku was so logged out at the 1-0 away win, that he set up a new Premier League Negative Record. Never, since data providers “Opta” recorded these values ​​in 2003/04 for the first time nationwide, a player who was not replaced had fewer ball contacts than the Belgian in the Selhurst Park. Chicky seven were in the final whistle, one of them at the impetus in the first passage. Only every about 13 minutes Lukaku touched the ball.

Tuchel: “It says he obviously did not participate”

Romelu Lukaku Miss & Ball Control Compilation - Part 1 | HD

“I do not know what to say,” coach Thomas Tuchel seemed a little helpless than he was asked after the game, whether the more about Lukaku or the entire team statement. “It says he was obviously not involved and could not be Hervort today. I’m not sure if there is so much about us.”

At least it was an indication of how unshakably clothel until the end of Lukaku believed. That a premier league player has never had so few ball contacts after 90 or more minutes, it was certainly because possible candidates were never allowed to play through.

Elden Ring: Battle with horses and huge bears presented

Elden Ring - Secret Giant Bear Boss Fight (4K)
In three weeks, it is so far and fans may finally explore the open-world of the action role-playing elden ring developed by FROM Software. After recently published videos to the areas of Castle Mourne and Liurnia of the Lakes as well as a hands-on video with full three hours gameplay, a new video of Game Informer now reveals some more interesting details. In the almost three minute gameplay there are struggles with horses to see. Both players and enemies can attack from riding ankle and make opponents with a special challenge. In addition, the video shows a fight with one of the huge bears located in the world of Elden Ring, as well as an inconspicuous building in which there is a lift, the player promotes far down into the underground of the world. Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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