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Basketball: DBB team wants with Euroleague

With the support of a Euroleague trio, the German basketball players want to take over the spreadsheet in their World Cup qualification group.

Top Performances, 2006-07: Nikola Vujcic, Maccabi Tel Aviv
Three days after the important victory in Tel Aviv, the selection of the German basketball federal government on Monday (19:30 clock) in Heidelberg again meets Israel and pages the third victory in the fourth game.

For the first time, national coach Gordon Herbert can draw on players from Alba Berlin and Bayern Munich in the current qualification for the 2023 World Championship. On Saturday, Maodo Lo and Johannes Thiemann came from the German champion Alba and Andreas Fruit from the Bundesliga leader Bavaria to the team, which had still missed on Friday because of their Euroleague obligations with the two German topclubs in the evening before.

LO as reinforcement

“Of course these are significant reinforcements for us,” said DBB vice president Armin Andres. National Coach Herbert immediately ordered the trio into the hall immediately after arrival in Heidelberg to convey the TRIO to the systems and the approach under him as soon as possible.

Especially Lo is likely to be a giant reinforcement for the German team. The 29-year-old Point Guard is located for weeks in captivating form and led Alba only a week ago with strong benefits to the eleventh Cup victory. In Tel Aviv, the only 20-year-old Justus Hollatz from the Hamburg Towers in construction showed an amazingly mature idea. But as soon as Hollatz went to the bank, the German offensive came to jerking.

“We are looking forward to that Maodo is there,” said Andres, “but also John under the basket and Andreas as a thrower from the wing will help us against Israel.” It is still unclear to what extent the Israelis comes with reinforcement to Germany.

full on World Cup course

After the opening defeat against Estonia in November, the German team is located after the two wins in Poland and Isreal now full of course in the direction of the WM, which takes place in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines next year. Previously, in September, the European Championship with a preliminary round in Cologne and the final round in Berlin is on the program.

Then Lo, Thiemann and fruit are likely to belong to the squad. For the other players, heidelberg is again about making advertising in our own. Because everything goes according to plan, will be a handful of NBA professionals in the summer for a built-in player Dennis Schröder.

Herbert acts almost with three different teams. That, which won without prominent support in Israel. This, which is now to be in Heidelberg for the next victory and that, who wants to play a medal in September at the home Chest.

The Mother 3 producer says he would like to see the game translated into other languages

One of Mother 3 producers has said that he would love to see a location to the English game.

Expectation about this release, which never officially went out of Japan, has resurfaced especially after Mother 1 and Earthbound began to be available through Nintendo Switch online.

Why Mother 3 Is Not Released In English
Mother 3, the game that closes the trilogy, was launched at Game Boy Advance in 2006, and the fans have been waiting for the translation since then.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, the producer of Mother 3, Shinichi Kameoka, affirmed that he would like to “see Mother 3 launched in Europe and the United States.”

“As a lover of videogames, I will continue waiting for the international launch of Mother 3”.

When asked if I had positive memories of working in the game, Kameoka said: “I remember how Mr. (Shigesato) Itoi rewrote all the provisional text that our team had written for the game, and change the atmosphere completely. eyes.”

Even though, originally, it was rumored that there was a version for the West of the game in development, the game contains certain controversial elements that could have prevented its launch at the time.

Destiny 2 again lacks in force to make old and returning players easier

In Destiny 2 Power is not just a measure of general guard capacity, but also a permanent indicator for players, whether they will be able to deal with a given challenge. Although in Queen-Wiedźma (the upcoming allowance) does not get great changes in the way of gaining power, on the day of the premiere Bungee will introduce several general updates to prepare new and returning players to the new campaign.


Starting from February 22, the lower power limit will be 1350. All players who join the game will have an appropriate level of power to start the Queen-Witch campaign, even if they had a break in the game.

You can achieve a soft limit of 1500 in the general gameplay, gaining overall equipment for the end of activity, opening chests and not only. In this category there are also rare and legendary booties. After reaching a soft limit, players will have to gain powerful peels in challenges from sellers and achieving other goals in the game.

After reaching the power limit 1550, the only way to increase power is to participate in end games with top prizes. The last, hard limit of 1560, can be achieved through invades, attempts of an Osiris, iron bunting and other EVE activity of the final game. Is it just in principle on the old one.

Bungee reported that on March 5, the new Raid 2 gates will be opened, which will add a queen-witch. Unfortunately, its names were not given, and the challenge will be really exciting.

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