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Postal Test 4: Metascore is catastrophic, here are all the notes in the world

It is tomorrow that the final version 1.0 of postal 4: No regerts after almost 3 years of Early Access, but unfortunately, the result is not up to expectations. Not imagined that the title of Running with Scissors was going to be a masterpiece, but that can find some sympathetic sensations of the first episodes with a minimum of ambition. With an average rating of 32% on Metacritic, the game is clearly a catastrophe and it is as well in its technique completely obsolete as in its pee-caca humor not even funny that the game is pointing finger. Added to this is a gameplay that has not changed since its inception, bugs from Oxon, annoying quests as possible and we realize that developers have neither the means nor the talent to hope to attract attention players. Here are all the notes obtained everywhere in the world:

GamesActu: 9/20

Hardcore Gamer: 6/10




Final 2020 Presidential Debate Between Donald Trump, Joe Biden | NBC News

ShackNews: 4/10 4/10

Gamepressure: 2/10

IGN: 2/10


Three games lock for Dortmund s tachie

Original text too short.

4 Ways to UNLOCK your LOCKED PS4 GAMES & APPS (PS4 Tutorial)

Due to a raw game against the opponent, Techie was occupied by the DFB Sports Court on Tuesday with a barrier of three championship games of the 3rd league. In addition, the player is blocked until the barrier of the lock for all other championship games of his association. Techie was referenced in the 88th minute of the game against 1860 Munich on Saturday of Referee Nico Fuchs (Bergisch Gladbach) of the field. The player or the association has agreed to the judgment, the judgment is thus legally binding. Techie comes back to the train only 2022.

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