After an exciting World Cup campaign, Argentina’s heroes have finally arrived home! As the plane carrying superstar Lionel Messi and the rest of the team touched down at the airport in Buenos Aires, fans crowded around to greet their beloved heroes who had just tasted victory. Read on to find out what happened when Argentina’s soccer stars returned home!

Argentina’s heroes wound up 2 days after winning the World Cup in their homeland.
Around 2:30 a.m. local time (6.30 am), the plane established with the team around superstar Lionel Messi at the airport in the capital Buenos Aires.
After arrival, a five-kilometer journey was prepared over to the association website in Plaza.
The start for a long holiday that the federal government had declared for Tuesday nationwide.
The planned procedure for the event: After a short breath in the AFA head office and strengthening lunch meal, La Salonika, as the Selection is only discussed, based upon coach Lionel Salon in your home, drives past endless fans in the open double-decker bus.
In the heart of Buenos Aires.


Generally, the website around the obelisk, the 68-meter-high pillar of the capital, was chosen as Jubelplatz.

Currently, on Sunday after the final charge in the 4-2 victory over France (3: 3 n.V.), according to main details, a million fans stormed onto the streets in the Greater Buenos Aires area, especially around the obelisk and on the greater
SPECTATE 9 DE Julio dammed up to an endless ball of human.
An honor in the Presidential Palace Casey Rosado at first countered security concerns.
There were disorderly scenes when Idol Diego Maradona’s body was born up in November 2020.
Therefore, the security level for the reception of the world champs was increased.

Argentina: Fan anthem is similar to the final versus Germany

The hymn for the third victory at a World Cup is Mustaches, a singing that Messi and Co. And which now got an appropriate line with a German cover.
The last versus Germany I smoke for 8 years. That has ended, since this year the final in Qatar versus France was won once again by the fathers, the gamers sang on the flight home.
At the 2014 final round in Brazil, the South Americans lost 0: 1 after a goal in the extension by Mario Got.
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The entire tune text was modified by the World Cup heroes from Doha.
Lines like We now have the third World Cup title and Maradona we motivated, you can now rest in peace adjusted to the melody.