British movies and television arts academies (BAFTA) have revealed a candidate to compete in each of the 2022 awards ceremony. Art charitable group BAFTA has been opened in 1998, and is recognized for its authority, especially in English.

The Evolving Game in the awards is given when the game is improved with updates after its launch. Add a voice actor and add a story and a story of “Disco Elihium Final Cut>, and updated,” Gobo’s forest, which has been added to the “Goggles of Animals”, which has been added to the update, came to the candidate.

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‘Game Beyond Entertainment’ (Game Beyond Entertainment) is a prize that it is considered to have performed other social functions beyond entertainment. I can play with a horrible narrative game that I can play with an eye, and the , which deals with various mental health problems, , which deals with various mental health problems, is selected as a candidate..

The most requested game is a two-way cooperative action adventure game that won the ‘Game Award of the Year’ in the 2021 Game Awards , and PS-only Loglite Shooter and the like. Both games were on the candidate in eight sectors, respectively.

※ All candidates list

▲ Animation (Animation)

▲ Artistic Achievement

▲ Acoustic (Audio Achievement)

▲ Best Game

▲ British Game (British Game)

▲ Debut Game

2021 BAFTA Games Awards

▲ ▲ This Vaginal Game (Evolving Game)

▲ Family Game (Family)

▲ Game Beyond Entertainment

▲ Game Design

▲ Multiplayer game (Multiplayer)

▲ Music (MUSIC)

▲ Narrative (Narrative)

▲ ORIGINAL Property

▲ Technical Achievement

▲ EE EE Games (EE Game of the Year) – Public Voting Backward