EA and Resown Entertainment have launched the latest season, Eclipse. The latest map BROKEN MOON, zip rails for movement, new defensive type legend Catalyst, new gift function, the latest battle path, etc. will appear.



As mentioned in the ancient prophecy, a comet collided with Borders satellite Cleo 30 years ago. This has led to rubble and chaos, while Broken Moon is a good experimental site of terrifying technology. Explore the beautiful silence space that spreads in Eternal Garden and economics. Stretch your feet to the back of the satellite where the remnants of the industrial zone, such as the perpetual core and breaker wool, spread.

New Legend: Catalyst

The teenager, Tessa Crystal Smith and his friends, are destroyed and pray to the satellite Cleo under the light of the satellite. She flew away from her hometown at the age of 15, but participated in a terrifying team to rebuild the satellite, whether she was drawn to fate. She feels connected between the power of the magnetic fluid and the past rituals, and gets into the hidden power. APEX games that are far from the wish will be held, and the end will be ended in her peaceful days. Protect your hometown, strictly vow to bring change, and participate in the APEX game as a catalyst.

New function: Gift

Call up a new friend to Apex Legends and are pleased to return to familiar friends. Just following the story will be a waste. Use the newly implemented gift system to present the latest Apex style to other players. It is possible to Purchase bundles and decorative items from store tabs to in-game friends.

New Battle Pass

Let’s magically the enemy with the Eclipse Battle Pass. At Level 25, he wore darkness with Ash’s legendary skin Imperial Assassin, rushed to level 50, and assaulted the battlefield with Levant’s Legendary Skin Mail Order Monster. Confer the enemy in the assault rifle, Labor’s legendary skin Obsidian Night, and unlock catalysts, Shea, and Rob picking. After completing the Eclipse Battle Pass, you can unlock the evolutionary skin of the charge rifle, Killing Laser and Cosmic Cannon. Get the latest BGM packs, road screens, banner frames, and weapon charms while fighting at the top of the battle.

APEX LEGENDS and Eclipse are distributed on PC (Steam, Origin)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.