Vampire The MSteamquerade – Bloodhunt , the Battle Royale of FREE-PLAY cut vampires already hSteam a launch date for your final version after several months Steam Early Access in Steam . So, so bloody multiplayer title will be available for pc and ps5 the next April 27, 2022 , date on which we can enjoy all the news in which its creators have been working this months. In addition, a new trailer hSteam been published with the best visuals of the version for the current Sony console and that you can see to lead this news.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Where To Start?

All reservation extrSteam for founders

Thus, the version for PlayStation 5 will enjoy several visual and performance characteristics, starting with the choice of visualization mode. So much so, that we can choose between one quality mode to 4K and 30 FPS and between one Performance mode at 1440p and 60 FPS, a decisive choice in a fSteamt action game like this. On the other hand, the dualsense will also offer its own particularities thanks to the use of adaptive triggers to exert more or less pressure depending on the handle or haptic vibration that will faithfully transmit about what type of surface we move.

In addition, the lighting of the command will change according to the color of the equipment or if we are being tracked by an enemy; The speaker, on the other hand, will provide something more information to the shares shown on the screen, either by feeding us from the citizens of on foot or when using consumables. Next to these novelties for PS5, reserve extrSteam for the founding players have also been releSteamed ** with more than 100 cosmetic items and 1,000 chips for unlocking.

Vampire The MSteamquerade – Bloodhunt The next 27 April 2022 will be available in its final version for PC and PlayStation 5 .