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Who are Destiny 2? – Knowledge

The Destiny series is familiar with fantastic alien races, since it lives right in the field of science fiction. One of such alien races, which has undergone significant changes, is Cabala. The bondage, a proud militaristic race of space rhinos, is first found on Mars in the original Destiny. It is better to fasten from there, as it will be a bumpy trip.

Destiny 2 Cabal History and Knowledge

The bondage is strongly inspired by the Roman Empire in terms of design. They come from their native world Toronto, who was once the capital of their powerful empire. Together with the prions that they won, Cabala is obsessed with the conquest of the galaxy and will not stop at anything to see how this will happen.

When Cabala entered the solar system, they set up a camp on Phobos before invading Mars. It was here that they encountered vehicles and entered the war with living cars. While the power of the Analog empire fought to restore the balance, there was a split inside. Emperor Klaus was considered weak due to the fact that he took the culture of Basal from war to art and pampering. Numerous groups in the army took the side of Do minus G1. However, before anything could have happened, the king of the Office appeared and began to capture large groups of bondage forces from the whole system.

On the orders of Gone Prius TACAN, the leader of Skyborne, broke his ship aboard the Orin dreadnought to create a bridgehead. Thanks to the efforts of the guard on the dreadnought, high-ranking bondage were personally killed, and without help unable to get to them, the remaining forces of the bondage on the bridgehead were ultimately captured by obsessed and hive. However, the message about help still managed to exit. It would turn out to be a disaster for the last city.

Between Destiny and Destiny 2, Do minus Gaul managed to make a coup and expel the former emperor Klaus. With the United Cabala, serving the Red Fleet, Gold managed to invade the last city and lure the wanderer into a trap, taking away the lights of the guards everywhere. Only due to the fact that the guard came into contact with the wanderer’s fragment, their light was restored, and they were able to hold a counterattack to kill Gone and return the wanderer.

Soon after, Klaus appeared from Census and invited the guards to join him. If they prove their value, they will be able to work for him as his shadow of the Earth. Promising huge wealth and targeted farms with prey, many guards accepted the proposal of the overthrown emperor. Several raid groups were also sent to Leviathan, who devoured the world of Klaus, to help the former emperor destroy the invasion of the hive and other enemies. After some time, Klaus and his ship disappeared from the orbit of Census, and many wondered where he went.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Emperor Klaus ascended the throne on Torobatla. Unfortunately, their native world was destroyed when one of the rulers of the hive, Zip Art, invaded him. Mun’Art, a previously prominent member of the military council of Kabul, allowed her hobby to turn into worship and, with the help of Status, opened the portal of the House of War to capture the planet. Since then, Cabala headed for the solar system in order to strengthen the defense of the inevitable persecution by the hive.

It was here that Karate met with the commander of the rubble and former commander of Osiris, who was actually a disguised Status. Karate was ready to negotiate with the vanguard to combine their strength. Nevertheless, who will be at the top of this chain of subordination, heatedly disputed. It was thanks to the ceremony of the tests conducted by the Guardian, the Vanguard came out in the first place. When their forces united, in the Destiny universe everything began to change. Instead of having separate races against each other, this became the question of the confrontation of light and darkness.


At that moment, the bondage broke into three fractions. Karate and her Blue Legion united with the avant-garde and the house of the Elias. The split red legion united with Dramas from the house of darkness and works to achieve the goals of the witness. Finally, Klaus returned and placed his abandoned Leviathan around the moon to contact the pyramid hidden there.

At the moment, Klaus forces are completely consisted of clones, brainless soldiers, whose only will is the will of their master. Klaus himself now serves as a witness and will lead his own pyramid in the attack on Neptune in the Nightfall campaign.

The bondage has undergone several incredible changes throughout the history of Destiny, and each of them made them more and more convincing. It is hard to imagine that they will become our allies, but now that they have become, it is difficult to recall the times when they were not. Being a proud race, Kabul are excellent allies in the war against darkness.

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Guardian, to Epic! Destiny Guardians Epic Store join

Destiny Guardians join the Epic Games Store. You can also find the Destiny Guardians’ collaboration in Fortnite and Paul Guys.

On the 24th, Epic Games Korea announced that Destiny Guardians joined the Epic Games Store and began to purchase the Destiny Guardians’ new expansion pack ‘Fall of Light’. In addition, he said that when he downloaded Destiny Guardians from the Epic Games Store until 2 am on the 31st, it will provide ‘Destiny Guardians: 30th Anniversary Pack’ for free.

Destiny Guardians is considered to have established the Root Shooter genre, a strong shooting game that collects items with space opera games set in space. The player becomes a guardian who protects mankind and has an adventure surrounding transcendental ‘travelers’ and ‘darkness’. The new expansion pack, Fall of Light, was first unveiled on the 24th at Destiny Guardians Showcase held by Bungee.

Epic Games celebrates the joining of Destiny Guardians to collaborate with various games. First of all, Fortnite can meet items such as the new maps Jablin-4, Commander Jagala, Aikora Ray, and Exo Strainer Character Costume. Paul Guys also runs the Destiny Guardians collaboration, and the new content will come on September 18.

Meanwhile, Destiny Guardians also release Fortnite’s characters. This is the first time that a character in Fortnite appears in other games.


Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, I am happy to provide Destiny Guardians through the Epic Games Store. It is scheduled to be held in September and the Collaboration, which shows the Portnite version of the guardian and Jablin-4 map, can be enjoyed today, so please enjoy the Destiny Guardians with Epic.

For more information, please visit the Epic Games Store website.

Destiny 2 again lacks in force to make old and returning players easier

In Destiny 2 Power is not just a measure of general guard capacity, but also a permanent indicator for players, whether they will be able to deal with a given challenge. Although in Queen-Wiedźma (the upcoming allowance) does not get great changes in the way of gaining power, on the day of the premiere Bungee will introduce several general updates to prepare new and returning players to the new campaign.


Starting from February 22, the lower power limit will be 1350. All players who join the game will have an appropriate level of power to start the Queen-Witch campaign, even if they had a break in the game.

You can achieve a soft limit of 1500 in the general gameplay, gaining overall equipment for the end of activity, opening chests and not only. In this category there are also rare and legendary booties. After reaching a soft limit, players will have to gain powerful peels in challenges from sellers and achieving other goals in the game.

After reaching the power limit 1550, the only way to increase power is to participate in end games with top prizes. The last, hard limit of 1560, can be achieved through invades, attempts of an Osiris, iron bunting and other EVE activity of the final game. Is it just in principle on the old one.

Bungee reported that on March 5, the new Raid 2 gates will be opened, which will add a queen-witch. Unfortunately, its names were not given, and the challenge will be really exciting.

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