In Code Vein you will find complex battles with bosses, and Oliver Collins is the first to check your courage. As you find soon, this boss is not so difficult to win if you know his strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s find out how to defeat Oliver Collins!

CODE VEIN Boss Fight: How to Defeat... Oliver Collins

How to defeat Oliver Collins in Code Vein

Before rushing into battle, it is always useful to familiarize yourself with the boss forces. This is especially important in Code Vein, where each main boss requires its own combat strategy. Oliver is no different, so be prepared for battle!

Special attacks of the first boss in Code Vein

Oliver is a near -battle fighter who owns a huge hammer causing huge damage. He has several special attacks, such as:

  • Blow overhead
  • Sweeping strike
  • Strike from above
  • Fire spell

Although Oliver’s attacks are strong, his movements are very slow. Therefore, when you start a battle, be prepared to dodge a lot. Of course, your strategy will depend mainly on your battle style and assembly of the hero Code Vein.

How to defeat Oliver Collins on the first attempt

The battle with Oliver consists of two phases. In the first phase battles , the movements of Oliver are slow, and it is easy to dodge him. The best strategy for Oliver Collins is to allow him to attack first. Since his special attacks are very slow, just wait until the animation of his attack ends to hit him. Do not try to block his attacks, as they cause great damage. Instead, just shy away, evade and evade!

When his health falls to half, the real battle begins. In the second stage of the battle , Oliver turns into a giant lost monster. As you soon learn, this creature is stronger than the previous human form. This is still very slow, but much more dangerous close.

With this new form comes a dangerous spell of the area of action, which is the biggest problem at this stage of the battle. When Oliver’s hand becomes red, this means that the attack in the area is inevitable. In this case, run away from him and expect the next chance to attack. Fortunately, he needs time to play it, so you will always have time to retreat. If you do everything right, his health points will easily fall. Now that Oliver is no more, you just need to win 16 more bosses!

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