GAME*SPARK’s freshly picked-up Steam indie games.

Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so. Therefore, it is this project ** freshly squeezed! I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich playpo, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, Lost Light is attractive, such as Tarkov-like TPS, Tarkov-like TPS, Your own shelter expansion, and elements unique to mobile games.

What is Lost Light?

This work is a free survival TPS ** designed by Netease Games, known for the development of Identity V and Wilderness Action. It is said that more than 4 million players have played from the beta test to the present, and in the new Google Store’s new game ranking, which was distributed ahead, it is the TOP30 multiple times, between mobile users around the world. It gained popularity.

Then, on September 1, 2022, a global release started following Android and iOS. By downloading it on the official website or Steam, you can now enjoy the popular mobile title on a large PC screen.

The content of this work is very similar to ** hardcore FPS ESCAPE from Tarkov (hereinafter, Tarkov). The goal is to get off on a vast battlefield, collect supplies, and survive. The stage of the story is the end-of-life world of the 20s, when the world order was disturbed by pheromone explosion, and people were forced to evacuate to the underground shelter. Meanwhile, the player will be a member of the firefly team, and will go to a closed area where the order has collapsed.

One of the charms of this work is the expansion element of the shelter that is the hideout only for players and the stress-free play cheapness unique to mobile games. Let’s introduce the points of its charm right away!

Story Points Part 1! Tarkov-like TPS that is not too authentic

Speaking of Tarkov, a hardcore FPS with popular game systems and real customization and sounds. However, there is also a difficulty that it is too real-oriented to remember that beginners have a high threshold. One of the characteristics is that a veteran player is a severe battlefield that dies in an instant when dying.

On the other hand, this work is focusing on reducing the stressful factors as much as possible while leaving the goodness of Tarkov. In this work, the map can be displayed in the game at any time without relying on external sites . The direction and the escape point are always displayed on the screen.

The target point and target items are very kind, such as displaying routes and highlights. Furthermore, although it is originally a setting for mobile users, there are few situations where the enemy footsteps, which are important in the same genre, are displayed at the top of the screen ** because they are displayed at the top of the screen.

In addition, the armor value of this work is very high, and because the ** kill time is long, it is almost unlikely that an enemy who does not know where you are. The player waiting for the cancer can be tolerated to some extent, so as soon as you get around, you will have a chance to fight back.

If the enemy is killed, it will not be treated as a death immediately and will be shifted to down state . In this state, you can ask a nearby player to rescue, and if you have a party member, you will be able to resus you. The lobby is divided into solo, duo, and squad, and it is said that it matches the player’s KD with past battle data , and it will not be overrun by a party or suddenly become a veteran player prey.

Story Points Part 2! My own shelter expansion

In this work, each player will be given a shelter that will be your own hideout. You can walk around freely in the shelter , customize weapons, change costumes, and access the market.

Each facility will be able to use more functions by investing required supplies and money. There are also gyms and unopened areas, and further expansion can be expected in future updates.

Story Points Part 3! Elements unique to mobile games

This work may be transplanted from mobile games, and has a function that makes you want to continue playing the game . The daily login bonus is naturally implemented, and one of the nice elements is a login bonus for new players and challenges for beginners.

In addition to the main mission, Daily and weekly missions are implemented , so you can get random remuneration and experience by doing it.

In addition, events and season passes for a limited time have already been distributed , and it is showing excitement. In addition, you can challenge ranking matches and various rankings.


Tarkov is a full-fledged game system and a severe battle, but some people will feel stressed. This work is not authentic and has inferior graphics compared to Tarkov, but it is easy to play as much as possible with stressful elements.

It is also compatible with cross-platforms , and you can form a party with a different platform player and enjoy chatting. Currently, some missions do not support Japanese , but we will continue to update.

In addition, the wipes (data reset), which are regularly implemented in Tarkov, are said to be the last one that was implemented during this global release in this work, and the products and shelters collected in the future in the future. It doesn’t seem to be gone.

This work is free for basic play, and the billing items are only costumes and emoters **, and there is no difference in the force due to the presence or absence of billing. It is a recommended work for users who want to enjoy a survival shutter as a light, so if you are interested, why not try it out?