The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna Nintendo Switch Review - I Dream of Indie
WARNING!! This will surely be the test the court I have ever written. On my desk sometimes arrives from the surprising games, The Dead Tree of Ranchiuna of EastasiaSoft, is 1. If the game surprised me, it’s not because of its history or I have not understood anything, or its graphic and technical realization completely to pick it up. No, the game surprised me with his boredom. Personally the 2 reasons that make me play at JV is either to have fun, or to live a different experience. But here I just bored. The white and pink clouds are they who speak. Do I advise you the game ?? I really need to answer this question? No, of course. The game runs around $ 12.99 ca, wait for a promo and try it after all at each game, its audience. I warned this test was very short.