Earthto, who showed graphics and directing that stimulates the emotions of the player through ‘Monument Valley’, ‘Assembling Wit Care’ and ‘Alba: Wild Fire Adventure’, draws a new game design with a turn-based strategy.


Netflix unveiled ‘Desta: The Memories Beatwin’, a new work for membership users through its online showcase Netflix Gigg Week 2022.

The developer, Earthto, cited Desta’s keywords as an immersive story, turn-based tactics, and a ball game full of various symbols.

The game begins by realizing that Desta, the main character, falls into an infinite dream that looks endless every night. In the dream of surreal world, Desta finds a way to win from various places with the brilliant objects found here. The action using this object is implemented in a turn-based strategy, and the player moves the character and throws Orbs to perform various goals. In the video, it was also captured to remove several targets in line with the direction of throwing Orbs.

The world of dreams with strategic turn-based play is said to draw a new look and new events every time. In addition, conversations, unique abilities, and interactive environmental elements for each world are developed in the form of a logite that can be repeatedly played, unlike the existing games of Earthu. Jeff Kayley, who was in charge of the showcase, explained the game with ‘Into The Breach’, ‘Hades’, and the movie ‘Inception’.

In particular, the world in the game has a fairy tale atmosphere that Earthto has shown.

‘Desta: The Memory Bitwin’ will be provided by mobile to Netflix users at the end of 2022 and can be enjoyed without payment in the game without paying in the game. In addition, the PC version and the console version will also be serviced later.