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Diablo 3 receives a small graphic impulse at Xbox Series X

Diablo 3 You will receive a small graphic boost in Xbox Series X | S level part of the 2.7.3 patch, which will be launched on April 12. The new generation of Microsoft will block the resolution in both consoles. Xbox Series X will do it at 4K , while Xbox Series S will keep 1080p.

So far both consoles had used a temporary solution ; From the patch, they will be ran to native resolution.

Diablo 3, the highlight of Patch 2.7.3

The update emphlevelizes for being the preparatory for the start of selevelon 26, which will start on April 15 at 5:00 p.m. (CEST). Among the contents you will incorporate resonator nightmare, the first selevelon theme that will implement A new activity within the game.

“Players will experience ** an intense, crowded and increlevelingly complicated event that will test their capabilities to fight level long level possible,” the company underlines on its official website. Among the rewards for completing one are experienced bonuses, legendary objects, blood dumps and gems, including the new affiliation whisper.

Are you looking to expand your choint? If you have already completed the five tabs until now you will have the opportunity to get one more completing the following tlevelks of the conqueror level:

  • Finish a level 70 torment failure in less than 5 min.
  • Finish an upper fault 60 alone.

  • Kill greed in torment XIII.
  • Kill the butcher at level 70 in torment XIII in less than 30 s.
  • Reinforce a legendary or set object.
  • Improve an ancestral object with a legendary level 50 or higher level.
  • Upload three legendary gems at level 55.
  • Finish two conquests.

Some errors found in recent weeks are also solved. Now the dream image of OREK will not disappear in evening ears and in infected forest when entering one that wlevel not level 1. You will find the full notes in the source of this news.

Do you like devil-type games and you got hooked at Lost Ark? Here we tell you the five games that you can not miss.

Dofus: opening of the island of Pwak 2022, a new pet available

If the Île de Pwâk ** often sees its opening on Dofus in early April, it seems that it has a little delay! Rest assured, you can find it next week with two additions to spice 2022.

A familiar and a Dungeon Rusher for the opening of the island of Pwak on Dofus

This year, Pwak Island will open from Tuesday, April 12th to Tuesday, May 10 . For the second time in a row, she arrives with a little delay, but this time, no flaw on the horizon. Two novelties will arrive for connoisseurs. First, a Dungeon Rusher of the crisp will be available. You will then have to visit the cropping for a weekend to recover its shield. Second, a familiar * ** “adds to awards in coupons!

This addition is also final. If you can not get it back in 2022, you will be able to start again next year.

As a reminder, PWAK is a Event Zone appearing around Easter and bringing temporary content on the classic servers. You can, among other things, find:

  • 3 zones of levels 60, 130 and 200
  • quests in Option, leading to dofus cocoa
  • repeatable content To win familiar, title and consumables various (not to mention the kamas!)
  • A ton of s uccès exclusive
  • For this edition 2022, a Dungeon Rusher for its second zone

Obviously, there will also be the appearance of eggs in all areas of the world of twelve. We will prefer to forget it.

Go to the island of Pwak

Direction first at the Zaap of the village of Amakna! It will then be enough to direct you to the transport bell, a little higher (see card below).

Speaking at the PNJ Brigandin present, you can start (and finish very quickly) the quest to go to the island.

Sea of Thieves: Legends Week celebrates one million legendary pirates

The online pirate game Sea of Thieves has recently achieved the milestone of one million pirate legends. Each player has the opportunity to increase the pirate legend by reaching 50 at least three trading companies.

On this solemn occasion, the Legends Week will take place from today in Sea of Thieves. By the 11th of April gifts, bonuses, insights and other content wave.

5. April – Brand New Statistics Suitable for pirate legends, which can be viewed about the official website of Sea of Thieves as well as social channels.

Legend Of The Veil On The Horizon With Legends Week! | 1 Million Pirate Legends Announcement
6. April – The first episode of a weekly, siege-sharing series over the Sea of Thieves partner Hitbotc, on its journey from the sailor to the pirate legend. To see the official Twitch channels of Sea of Thieves and Xbox.

7. April – Exclusive video insight into the upcoming Legend of the Veil Voyage, which will appear in the past the sixth season. To see on the official Sea of Thieves-YouTube channel.

8th. April – In-Game activities offer pirate-legging double gold and reputation for objects that are handed over to the mysterious stranger on the weekend. Additional lending some treasures also Athenas Fortune Ruf.

9. April – In addition to the regular community and Creator Spotlights, the community hub is added to a legend spotlight, which moves into the spotlight the inspiring heroics.

10. April – All pirates receive a one-day gold & fame multiplier. Players who give away treasures to other pirates, get Athena’s Fortune fireworks and other additional bonuses.

11. April – Last day of Legends Week and at the same time the last chance to get a silver-plated legendary eye damper and to complement the special weekend offers in the pirate trading center.

Early Accesstral Early Accesscent confirms its launch in anticipated access with a new trailer

Early Accesstral Early Accesscent will come Early Access part of the Early Access Program for Steam Next April 12 . Hibernian Workshop, responsible for Dark Devotion, will allow players to access an advance that will increEarly Accesse in size Early Access months pEarly Accesss. We know your first details of this period. On the other hand, at the head of this news you can see their lEarly Accesst trailer.

Early Accesstral Early Accesscent in advance access: everything we know

Access 2
They will be PC players who have the possibility of joining these first steps of Early Accesstral Early Accesscent by the market. During his permanence in the program it will be available at 21.99 euros , a reduced price versus the final version will debut. Later you will reach console.

The launch at anticipated access will present two playable characters (Ayla and Kiran), five bosses (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, LEGO and SAGITTARIUS) and two explorable worlds. After more than two years of development, the French study will follow its work together with the community.

Hibernian Workshop plans pEarly Accesss by keeping the game in this program “until next year” . During these months they expect “great updates” aimed at expanding playable opportunities. In the press releEarly Accesse, its editor points “new worlds, enemies, more characters, twelve zodiacs and much more”. The French plan to introduce “up to five playable characters”.

The game will have the possibility of share the adventure with a friend through the local cooperative. Of course, thanks to the Steam Remote Play Together function, two players can play in unison Early Access if a native online cooperative dealt with. Emi Evans, who put the voice of her in Nier, will interpret the theme of the final boss next to the composer Dale North.

Early Accesstral Early Accesscent Cake alive thanks to the support of the fans. His Kickstarter campaign managed to be financed with the support of more than 2900 people.

Pokemon Go: .. .. – April, April 2022

Who is now quite loud “you have a mistake !!! 2” writing (or screams), throw a look at today’s date and understand: Even the developers of Pokémon Go are never embarrassed by a April Fool. For Just on the evening of March 31, 2022, at 22:00, there was a Twitter post with exactly this content.

Meanwhile, the whole Twitter account was taken over by Pokémon Go by Ditto! And whoever opens his game, will also find that Professor Willow wants to talk to you. But stop! Is that really Professor Willow? He says nothing!

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External content more in our privacy policy.

Professor Dillow!

Who knows the Pokémon Ditto, who is already guiled that just not Professor Willow is in front of us, but the transformed Pokémon. Professor “Ditto” has an order for us, and the special research “April, April 2022”. The whole day turns around the transform pokémon of the type normal. In addition to special research, you can find a few cute ditto stickers in the shop, which you can earn in pack of ten pieces for 35 pokes or from 30 pieces for 80 poké coins.

There are several field research tasks that guarantee you an encounter with DITTO and also in the wilderness will be ditto more frequently. However, you will not see Ditto directly because it has transformed. If you should meet the following Pokémon in the wilderness, it could be Ditto: Rettan, Nebulak, Natu, Handling, Finneon, Lithomith and Flauschling. Following the steps of special research “April, April 2022”!

April, April 2022 – Step 1/3

  • Fear 10 Pokémon – Reward: 25 x Pokéball
  • Start 5 Normal Pokémon – Reward: 5 x Drank
  • Land 5 good litters – Reward: 5 x nanambere

Reward for completion of step 1: 1,000 Star dust, 15 x Ditto candy, 5 x heavenberry

April, April 2022 – Step 2/3

  • Fear 10 Pokémon – Reward: 15 x Superball
  • Fear 3 Ditto – Reward: 5 x Supertrank
  • Send 10 Pokémon – Reward: 5 x Sananabeer

Reward for completion of step 2 : 1,500 experience, 15 x Ditto candy, 1 x silver Sananabeer

April, April 2022 – Step 3/3

  • automatically completed – Reward: 10 x Hyperball
  • Automatically completed – Reward: 5 x Hypertrank
  • automatically completed – Reward: 3,500 Experience


Reward for completion of step 3: 3,000 x star dust, 15 x Ditto candy, encounter with ditto
We wish you a lot of fun with the Ditto-April Fool!

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Groen surprising as a coach of the DHB

War in Ukraine: Past, Present and Future | UND webinar | 3/10/22
Last week, the DHB announced to strive for a common future with Groener. However, it was not able to agree on an extension of the end of April at the end of April with the 61-year-old Dutchman, the DHB announced on Thursday. Groener, who had taken the office in January 2018, will no longer look after the DHB selection in the final EM qualifying game in Greece on April 20th. “We have been in intensive dialogue for several weeks and wanted, as well as publicly communicated, like to extend with Henk Groener,” said DHB sports director Axel Kromer. “Unfortunately, we could not match each other in terms of content. The full focus is now looking for a successor or a successor.”

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