Through the small trailer you have on these lines, the channel of xbox has announced that Godfall will come to its consoles. It will be both at xbox one and X and S on April 7, and will do so in the form of your Ultimate Edition. The title, released in November 2020 for PS5 and PC, had a temporary exclusivity with the Sony console of six months (until May 12, 2021), but have decided to wait a little more to take it to systems Microsoft .

This final edition of the Looter-Slasher of Counterplay Games will have all the free content that has been incorporated into the original game, as well as all the updates you have had and the payment expansions. This will include Fire & Darkness, Primal, LightBringer, exalted and everything that brought the Ascended Edition with its reservation bonuses. With Exalted, the last of them will incorporate “features and improvements requested by fans”, a “faster and fluid” combat and an “optimized and solid” inventory management.

For new generation Xbox consoles, you will have visual improvements such as VRR and Dolby Vision for televisions and monitors with HDR.

Godfall Coming To Xbox April 7th, Lets Chat And Play Xbox Series S.
This version does not correspond to that concerned the latest news we had about Godfall, when they announced that it would be available for PlayStation Plus users in December with their Challenger Edition. Although it might seem that this edition was going to be more complete than the original, the controversy jumped when it turned out to be the opposite, since they had been trimmed by the campaign mode.

Godfall: Ultimate Edition will come out on April 7 at xbox one and xbox series x and s . It is now available on PS5 and PC.