The first chance of a trophy victory had awarded Chelsea last Sunday in the League Cup final against Liverpool (10:11 after penalty shooting), so the blues remained only the Fa Cup as an opportunity for a national trophy. For the eighth final against second division Luton Town, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel waited with a starting eleven changed at nine positions. Only rüdiger and Mount were already against Liverpool in the initial formation. Werner was also allowed to play from the beginning.

Luton goes in lead after two minutes

Enough talked about the favorite – Luton gained the attention from the kick-off path: The table sight of the Championship caught a cream style when Berry struck a corner football from the left after two minutes. Burke slipped the ball on the first post over his head and steered him in the long corner (2nd). The surprise was perfect: Luton led against Chelsea!

Luton’s FurioSer Start, however, got a striker damper, as Keeper Steer had to be injured and replaced in the outflow (14.). That the second division has a worthy representative on the goalkeeping position, should show up shortly thereafter. At first, Chelsea came to compensation: About Werner, Saul got the ball at the penalty area. The Spaniard took measurement and lock placed in the right lower corner (27.).

Cornick shocks Chelsea before the break

Chelsea started a printing phase with several good degrees. When it was located in the gate of Luton, however, thwarted the chances of Saul (32.), Kenedy (33.) and Lukaku (35th). In the midst of the London printing phase, Cornick was suddenly at Kepa. The striker turned safely into the right corner – and again led the second division (40th).

After the side change almost exclusively the guest from London played. Only precision lacked in the offensive game Chelseas and so lacked dangerous degrees initially. But then Loftus-Cheek struck a tailor-made ball on Werner, which took the ball with the first contact and completed with the second compensation (68.).

by Luton comes nothing more – Lukaku decides

Luton did not make any of its own offensive actions and began instead a little later the next goal: This time Werner put the ball on for Lukaku, who met from a short distance (78.).

The game was shot and Chelsea now brought the victory sovereign and safely about the finish line. Souverter than that at half time was expected. Luton made it difficult for the club world champion, but could not build on the strong first half.

GOAL | Saúl Ñíguez | Luton Town v Chelsea | Fifth Round | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

Next Saturday, both teams are in ligabeine: Luton meets the championship on FC Middlesbrough (16 o’clock). At the same time, the FC Chelsea is a guest at FC Burnley.